Thursday, October 22, 2009

daytime television

Heard on daytime television “Reality Affairs”. A mix between soap opera and reality show.

A former prostitute, now jobless, in her apartment kitchen, wearing an apron. A young woman ringing her doorbell.

The ex-prostitute checks her appearance in the mirror before opening the door to the stranger. The young woman standing there (25 years of age at most) is supposedly looking for advice regarding her sex-life.

Sure, I go around ringing the doorbells at former prostitute’s homes, asking them for sex advice all the time. Don’t you? But I digress.

Anyway, the point where we almost died laughing was when the former prostitute looked into the camera and said in all seriousness

“I am not used to fans ringing my doorbell.”

Fans? FANS? F A N S ???

That almost killed me and I had to be reminded not to forget to breath. That’s how hard I was laughing. I may even have been rolling on the floor. Literally.