Thursday, October 29, 2009

i hope he did

because really, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly hid a big fat Fuck You in a veto note to his political rival, assemblyman Tom Ammiano about Assembly Bill one or another….

Arnie Letter

Not that I am a big Arnie fan but if it was intentional, which they say it was not, this will make it onto my personal bucket list.

Right up there with me marching into a job interview and telling the interviewer the truth and nothing but the truth. Like:

“Listen, this is a job interview. I know this is crap. You know this is crap. You know I think this is crap and you know that I know that you know that I think this is crap therefore I call BULLSHIT...

I do like to work for a living but have no intention of living only to work. There is no I in team but a ‘me’ in Team work – the letters are just scrambled and backwards but believe me, it is in there. TEAM WORK, see? If you want something to be done right, you got to do it yourself..."

The hubby always encourages me to interview with another company to fulfill this "dream" just for the heck of it. But really? I didn't have to bullshit around with my current job and I am happy to have an awesome job, working for a great company. My dream? To continue being this lucky and to never ever having to interview outside of my lovely company ever again. Amen.


Melisa with one S said...

WHOA! If he really did, that WOULD be awesome!

P.S. I hope your dream comes true. :)


Tara R. said...

Bwahaha! I hope he did it too. There are a few of these letters I would like to send.

Brian o vretanos said...

That's brilliant. If I was Californian he'd get my vote for re-election on the strength of that.

It looks intentional - "kicks the can down the alley" seems like a bit of a strange phrase to use in a formal letter, and "overwhelmingly" is a strange choice of adjective. I wonder if the first draft by a total fluke had something close like "Fucn Yod", and he noticed and reworded it slightly.

Mags said...

That is one of the most fantastic things ever! Ha!! I hadn't heard about this, but it's great. I really hope he did it on purpose. :)