Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sleepless in munich or don't shit where you eat

I don’t know what it is lately but it is the same thing every single Sunday night for as long as I have joined the working forces. I simply can’t sleep like a normal person the night from Sunday to Monday.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have trouble sleeping. Ever. Except for Sunday night. I read up on it and it seems there are a few people out there experiencing the exact same thing.

It’s been said that your inner clock is messed up because you tend to stay up late on weekends and you sleep in longer but that’s not the case. Also I don’t worry more about things on a Sunday night than I do on any other night of the week. So what is it that’s keeping me up and driving me insane on a weekly basis?

I go to bed on time and don’t do anything different, yet I can’t go to sleep until the wee hours of the night. Then am so tired and grouchy the next day, that anybody is at the risk of life and limb when daring to address me.

In other news, it’s been snowing heavily across Europe and it took me one hour to get into work yesterday. That is ONE hour for two and a half miles! Ridiculous. Anyway, because it’s been snowing so much, it was the first time we had to shovel snow as homeowners. Luckily I was having so much fun with it that I didn’t really mind.

Also we’re watching the neighbor’s cats for a week while they are off in sunny Dubai, living for a place to live. They have really cute cats. The downside is that they pee in protest. The cats I mean. Not the neighbors. The first time I was cat sitting I went to get the cat food from the laundry room and one of the cats snuck in and peed on a pile of dirty laundry. I couldn’t just leave it so I did the laundry – much to our neighbors joy. Actually I didn’t mind at all and our lovely neighbors were so embarrassed.

The second time around the cats found a new place to pee. The kitchen sink. Ugh. Easier to clean but man, they really do not take separation well. This time around they got a bit more inventive because I came downstairs and found this:

Can you see it? You got to look just a little bit closer. See it? See it?

I thought they were trying to fool me but it really was cat piss. So I thoroughly cleaned everything in the morning, only to come back to the same situation that evening. These poor little critters. They must really love and miss their owners.

Which makes me wonder how well our cats will take the move from our third floor apartment to our two story house with a beautiful yard.


Brian o vretanos said...

Do you mind? I'm trying to eat! ;-)

I have trouble sleeping most of the time, but on Sundays I think one of the problems is that once I go to bed the weekend will be over, so I stay up too late...

Kat said...

Sorry Brian ;o). I always thought that "Don't shit (or piss) where you eat" applies to pets as well. Huh. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the insomnia. I have a similar problem in that no matter what time I go to bed, I will wake up at 4am. Drives me crazy.

Cats are weird creatures. Our male cat has taken a recent dislike for the hall bathroom shower curtain. Don't know what it did to him, but he lets us know, in no uncertain terms, how much he hates it. I've had to replace it twice already.

Anonymous said...

Is it work anxiety that keeps you up? Just thinking about the things you need to do at the office. I happens to me sometimes and I have a little notepad next to my bed where I write down things I need to do for work or home. I helps the paper will be there in the AM and it usually lets me sleep.

Although lately its not so much pen/paper as an email from my blackberry to myself at work with my To Do List. Ahh technology.

You're a good neighbor for pet sitting!

Anonymous said...

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