Friday, January 8, 2010


For some strange reason I'm really into painting deer at the moment. Not only that but I'm also bidding on a pair of antlers on Ebay to paint white and am thinking of hanging them in my new living room.

Anyone have an idea what's wrong with me? Next thing you'll know I'll be doing my crossword while listening to polka music. Please send help.

How do you like my deer painting?

—--- blogged from my phone


Brian o vretanos said...

It really is a very good likeness - a lot better than I could do. I'm not sure about the composition (cutting off its rear end) or the colour, but then you always need to have some eccentricity and lack of realism to make it proper Art.

You should embrace your new psychosis and sell your works on ebay - I'd buy one in the hope that it could be worth millions some day if you end up being the next Picasso ;-)

Kat said...

Oh yeah now that you mention it Brian, it does look awful with its butt cut off. It was meant to peek into the it just looks like a deer with a cut off butt on a doodie surface. Oh well, live and learn..ahem I meant how dare you critisize the artist. This is CLEARLY art. LOL

misguided mommy said...

actually before i read the post i thought that was a professional painting you bought, damn your good

btw i asked a question on my blog go answer it