Saturday, February 20, 2010

the cat is out…

…of the bag house.

After a horrible four weeks of having to stay inside to get used to the new construction site house, we finally opened the door to the porch so the cats could take their first real sniff at freedom.

Lilly couldn’t really believe her luck. She stormed to the door, went through, walked around and ran back in. Maunzerl was a bit confused at first but definitely curious.

Lilly’s second attempt involved snow and resulted in an immediate return to the safety of our living room. In her third attempt she made it all the way to the garage by walking alongside the house where the snow was already melted as Maunzerl was looking on, not quite daring to follow her yet. We have happy cats now.

The sweet smell of freedom


Making sure I can safely retreat


walking alongside the house where there’s no more snow



Maunzerl is enjoying the view of Lilly’s backside from a safe distance


then gets more curious – but that’s about it

Both cats are now at home and are peacefully sleeping in their usual spots.


Brian o vretanos said...

It doesn't look like there's much risk of curiosity killing your cats...

kat said...

Yep, you're right.These two have coined the expression "scaredy cat" muharharhar.

Jeninacide said...

They are so cute!!

Tara R. said...

Too funny! I can't imagine what my dogs would do if faced with snow. They are such babies when it comes to rain.

Maunzerl peeking out the door is such a cute shot.

Mags said...


I feel the need to paint my face blue now.

My Bella is having a hard weekend. She's having to get used to my niece being here and she is NOT liking it. She's been hissing and batting...not good. But, she's got to get used to people!!

kat said...

Jeninacide Agreed ;)

Tara Yeah, sometimes they can be such whimps. When I open the faucet, Maunzerl jumps three feet in the air like she is afraid I would shower her... babies!

Mags Oh yeah, loved your post on your weekend with Rye Bread. Sorry to hear that Bella's having a hard time adjusting to company. Our little one is the same. She is only comfortable with the "four of us" around, everybody else is considered an intruder and only deemed worthy of attention after about a half a day.
Probably because you're Bella's family and she trusts you and only you.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute & careful! I can relate to Lilly...these days I always want to walk where the snow ISN'T! :)

kat said...

nycgirl Hehe I can relate. I've had enough of the snow as well, now imagine standing up to your belly in

Anonymous said...

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