Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what’s wrong with this picture?

Ok well not exactly with this picture but the following story. I don’t know exactly how many times I have written about it, here or elsewhere but again I am ticked off.

Reading the online newspaper – the one that I also used to enjoy reading offline- I came across an article by a journalist that really struck me as pathetic. Now don’t get me wrong…I get worked up over a lot of things but the moment I close the paper or turn off the computer, it is forgotten.

Only this time this oh so selfless experiment by this journalist/dude, pissed me off. Granted he was writing about the hype around “Chatroulette” and if you ask me, “Chatroulette” is silly but hey, who am I to judge? Really, whatever floats people’s boats…

Anyway this so called journalist writes about how anxious he was while he typed, not knowing what would expect him before he continues to enlighten us with the fact that he is a “social offliner”. That he doesn’t particularly enjoy chatting online, doesn’t need to use 140 characters to express himself on Twitter and how unnecessary constantly updating his status on Facebook is. Judging by his name he’s in his twenties or thirties but I could be wrong. I have to say if you’re a journalist, who doesn’t know shit about web 2.0 and you couldn’t care less about it, then shut the hell up and get on with your “real life”.

A lot of people actually enjoy blogging, Twitter, Facebook and Chatroulette. It’s a hobby like any other. You’re socializing online but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have friends in the offline world. And to slash someone for displaying exhibitionism to a certain extend online, you may as well go into a club on a Saturday night and do the same with the scantily-clad masses, expressing themselves while dancing.

If you’re calling yourself “social offliner”, you’re not entitled to have your say about what does and doesn’t fly in the online world. You can say that it is not for you but don’t get all judgemental and act all high and mighty. Dipstick.

P.S. Dear ……. Online Paper,

If you insist on paying someone to write about things they don’t know anything about, think again next time. You wouldn’t want to be treated by a doctor’s assistant the next time you’re in need of urgent medical attention now, would you?

I know for a fact that you employ competent people, with actual IT/computer/online knowledge. Why not let them write about online stuff they actually know about like they have a hundred times before?

Just a thought.

Yours truly


Melisa with one S said...

I agree with your point totally. You won't find me writing an article about, say, parakeet ownership, because I've never owned one.

Funny that you posted about this today: I'm trying to put together a post about Chat Roulette in relation to parents blocking it from their kids because of the randomness they might find there.

kat said...

Shows once more that we must have been separated at birth (even though you love coke and I like Pepsi) LOL. Actually not a big fan of sodas but that Chat Roulette thing is creepy - nevertheless I wish they had picked someone knowledgable to write about it and not somebody that couldn't care less about the web.

Tara R. said...

That is one sure way to get a one-sided and biased opinion about anything, have someone who doesn't understand something, try to explain it.

Mags said...

I have never heard of chat roulette and admit I'm a little nervous to google it b/c if it's cool I could get sucked in!!!!

I'm with you on this too-if you don't know, don't write about it. And even if you did know, don't make the people who do like it into losers.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

What? We have friends in real life? Why didn’t someone send me an e-mail or a text letting me KNOW about this!? Some online buddy you are!

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