Monday, March 15, 2010

The heating OMG the heating

well it is working again and never before have I appreciated it more. Temperatures are still around 30°F outside and it has been snowing heavily again. Just when we wanted to cozy up on the couch last night, we noticed that it was unusually chilli in the living room.

So down we went to the basement to check on the heater and it was off. OFF. Just like that. Simply OFF when it is f****ng freezing outside. The fancy heap of metal just sat there and laughed at us and its evil display demanded maintenance, which, sadly it being a Sunday night, we were unable to provide.

So we went to work un-showered, cold and pissed off this morning and if there’s something I hate, it’s having to wash myself at the sink with freezing cold water. Thank God at least the bathroom was warm because the floor heating is electrical. I just wanted to roll on it or go back to bed to hide under my duvet.

Luckily the hubby is very, very flexible and stayed home organizing a plumber to come over and do the necessary maintenance work to get the heating working again.

Sitting in a warm room is truly a blessing that I can now fully appreciate.


Brian o vretanos said...

I'm glad you got it sorted relatively quickly. Going to work unshowered reminds me of the floods here a couple of years ago - we had no running water and my "shower" each morning came from a half-full kettle. It doesn't exactly make for a good start to the day...

kat said...

Brian I couldn't agree more. When we originally moved into the house, we had no shower cubicle yet and had to take showers sitting in the tub. We thought that was bad but having no hot water at all or having to resort to using the kettle just sucks :)

Melisa with one S said...

Wow, what a pain. :(
Glad you have heat again!

P.S. My mom always says "Cold hands, warm heart."

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than being cold. Though in my apt building they like to make you sweat!

kat said...

Melisa A pain in the butt indeed. Luckily it's fixed. Your mom is very wise :)

nycgirl0501 Being cold is horrible, cold feet in bed for example, are especially horrible.

Tara R. said...

So glad you got the furnace fixed quickly. I hate being cold.