Sunday, March 21, 2010

wooha about a hoo-ha (may not be safe for work)

Most of us have seen one or even possess one. Either way, it’s nothing shocking. Well at least not in the this part of the country/world. You would assume that most of us know about the birds and the bees and that we ladies have, well lady bits.

You know how Wikipedia has that daily featured article? Well today’s featured article on Wikipedia’s German site was “Vulva”. I doubt that the article itself would have caught a whole lot of attention because let’s be honest, when you go onto Wikipedia, you’re searching for something. And if you’re anything like me, you pay little to no attention to the featured articles that are mostly as interesting as, well as an enema or a feature about the life of Prince Henry von Battenberg.

The outrage was because of a photo in the article – featuring, you guessed it, a vulva. Now you could argue that it is inappropriate, shouldn’t be shown in the feature or not be shown at all but come on. This is not some pornographic article. There’s nothing wrong with it and I don’t see what the big deal is here. Granted, if I had a say in it, I would’ve just chosen another article and ended this discussion but I don’t and it is as it is.

Do you find it offensive or not? Discuss.



Melisa with one S said...

I find it extremely ODD that it was "chosen" as the daily featured article. You can't tell me someone didn't do that on purpose.

kat said...

That's a good question. My guess would've been that the articles are displayed randomly but I might be wrong :)

SoccerMom said...

I think it is totally inappropriate. I have two teens that are on the net all the time, for fun and for school research. Even though we have already had the "talk" I still wouldn't want them to see that.

Brian o vretanos said...

Anyone who clicks on or searches for "vulva" and is shocked by that is too naive and innocent to be using a networked computer without supervision ;-)

Brian o vretanos said...

My comment wasn't aimed at Soccer Mom - her comment wasn't visible when I was writing mine. I wasn't thinking about it from the point of view of children online, which is an interesting thought.

I wouldn't be worried about my daughter seeing such things, but then I'm more worried about dangerous interactions online than content.

kat said...

Soccer Mom I am sure as a parent you look at it differently and I am certain if i was a mom I would worry about that too.

Brian Interesting point of view. I guess if kids wanted to look at something naughty, there are better places to look and it is more of a "scientific" article rather than a pornographic one.

In the few hours this post has been up it has received more hits than I did in total last month. So I guess the internets are heavily discussing it.

Anonymous said...

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Danielle A. said...

Here's my thought. When I was growing up I had to write reports. Those reports required I use encyclopedias. If I looked up "Vulva" in the encyclopedia - there would have been a picture of one. So really... what's the big deal. Honestly. It's most definitely NOT pornography... it's like showing an arm. If we continue to shelter our kids, they're just going to get more and more naive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jeninacide said...

OMG It is JUST a body part. Totally not offensive in the least. In my opinion, anyway :o)

Mags said...

I was going to say what Danielle said-I remember looking up penis and vagina in the encyclopedias...that said, Soccer Mom has a valid point-I'd hate for my kid to stumble upon that too.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

No I don’t find it offensive. Personally I just don’t get the big deal about the human body. I never have.

Especially here in America where they are SOOOO particularly opposed to lady bits.

The irony is all men (even gay ones) like boobs and yet we are so rarely allowed to see them. I mean who set THAT system up?

I mean there as just a recent news article where some singer strips in the street in Dallas and shot a video of it. (Something to do with Kennedy!)

So I am listening to all TV the pundits whine, “My God, there where children present!” Oh no! Are those poor children now somehow scared for life now because they saw a naked women? Maybe we should just kill them now and spare them the lifetime of misery they will now experience since they had to experience the utter horror of seeing an attractive women unclothed!

Me, I just want to see the video. I mean seriously, what’s the deal people?