Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year!

May 2012 bring health, love, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Here at “Casa de Kat” we rang in the new year with friends, lots of vodka, laughter and watching a pretty decent fireworks display. I am not sure I’d like 2012 to be just like 2011 but should the new year continue the way the old one ended and the new year started, then I’m ok with it. Not happy but ok.

There’s lots of things I worry about. Constantly. I cannot help it. I am a worrier and how can you not be? When you’re looking at the current state of world affairs and you’re not worried, you’re either an imbecile or dumber than a box of rocks, in which case there’s no hope for mankind and we might as well just end it here. Though looking at the dunces in world politics one might say we’re on the edge. Kinda like “disasters in the mirror are closer than they appear”. I’m waiting for a catastrophe to strike. Japan is still being shocked by earthquakes, Thailand is trying to recover from being flooded for several months and this winter has been warmer than last year's spring - mother nature is clearly trying to tell us something but idiot nations think it is ok to jump the Kyoto Protocol like rats the sinking ship in order to follow their economic interests.

The North Koreans have a new leader that seems just as crazy or even crazier than the previous one. Iran and Syria - well let’s not even go there. The Eurozone is taking their last shallow breaths… but let’s not dwell on this either. Things are out of our hands and I don’t know whether to wish for a hard reset or not.

All dark thoughts aside though, I am expecting 2012 to good. There’s a few resolutions I made. Lose weight, spend more quality time with my hubby, explore Munich’s museums and stop complaining so much. Blogging on a regular basis does not feature on this list because it would mean that I would have to specify what exactly qualifies as “regular” because you know, once a year is regular too. They say the key to not giving up on your New Year’s resolutions is to set small goals. So instead of saying I want to be a size zero next year, say you want to lose 10 pounds by xy. So my goal is to blog at least twice a month. Even the most uninspired person could find a topic to blog about then.

Also not featuring on the list of resolutions is a loooong list of books but reading comes naturally and I’ll just keep on updating the “Books I’ve read in 2012” list in the Book Addict page on this blog.

Bring on the new year, be happy and enjoy the trip.

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Melisa Wells said...

Twice a month? I'll take it. :)

Hoping 2012 brings a certain German couple to Chicago. :)