Sunday, January 22, 2012

lego {#Project 365 - Day 22}

I missed a couple of days of posting here as the in-laws were in town. The hubby and I took Friday off to spend more time with them. The weather was awful and sightseeing in town was a bad idea so we decided to just walk around in the mall. Good thing we did too because the heavy rain had turned into heavy snowfall and the roads were horrible.

Here’s a photo of the back wall of the LEGO store. You can buy LEGO pieces by the cup – in all the colors you can imagine. When I was a kid there were three colors. Red, blue and white LEGOs.



Tara R. said...

This is a cool shot. There's a Lego store like this at DisneyWorld in Orlando. Next best thing to a candy store.

Melisa Wells said...

We have a LEGO store in the Chicago area too. (two of them, actually)

I have determined, according to how much they sell those cupfuls of LEGOs at the store, that I have about seven million dollars' worth of them in the basement.

Kat said...

Love LEGO and I am totally in love with all the new colors. Ohhh to be a kid again.