Tuesday, January 3, 2012

little pick me up

If you're feeling stressed out or aggravated and you need an eensy weensy break, just hit the magic button - it will make everything ok. I promise.

The magic button — Make Everything OK

A colleague created it for his daughter when she was sick and wondering why there's no button to make everything ok. Gotta love kids.

On a side note. Just heard that there's a storm heading in our direction. This really must be mother nature's way of saying "Screw you and screw you too..". Sure Mother Nature breaks out the sun and spring-like temperatures while we are holed up in an office but as soon as we near the three day weekend, she blasts us with a storm. Grrr.

Well as long as the power doesn't go out, we have lovely plans for another Raclette and some movies. We'll see about that.


MarĂ­a Rot-Dylan said...


Melisa Wells said...

That's cute!

You know you're totally spoiling me by blogging so much over this past week, don't you?

Kat said...

@Melisa - you're so funny. Let's hope this lasts. Set my hopes in Project 365 :)