Saturday, July 28, 2007

Please welcome our new kitten Maunzerl

fter thinking long and hard we have decided to get a second cat. We found this lovely black and white kitten and my husband and I both fell in love with it immediately. We really had a hard time naming her but our neighbor came up with Sheila as she is black and thought it might be fitting. While this will be her official name and he will be her godfather, we call her Maunzerl. We consider the latter as very fitting due to the pitiful meowing during her first night with us. Lilly was a bit confused by the new intruder and started hissing at her but later on decided she could have Maunzerl for breakfast. Lilly went on to put up camp on the couch and rule her empire from there. We hope that the bringing together will go as smoothly as could be expected but I guess we will be in for quite some commotion. We figured we will learn as we go along. If you have any experience in joining a young and an old cat, feel free to share your knowledge.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that if you rub the new cat with objects that have the scent of the old cat on it, they are more willing to accept it into their home. You could try that, rubbing it on your cats favourite blanket or something, but you might just end up with a static-y cat.