Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unusual sleeping places

If there were a contest for "Sleeping in the most unusual places" Maunzerl/Sheila would be in for an award. During her first days with us we found her in a closed drawer of my husbands desk in the office. Please note that the drawer was closed and she crawled in through the back. Since then she has slept on the dining room table and in a tiny spot between a wall and my desk. Actually we thought it was inaccessible as there were folders cutting off the space and she slept on 15cm². This morning we woke up to find her sleeping on the clotheshorse that we have brought in for the night so the laundry would not get wet again. It is pretty funny to find her sleeping in the weirdest places she can find. We hope not to find her sleeping in a pot on the stove... We will keep you posted should she decide to try even wackier sleeping places.

1 comment:

sunshine said...

nice one - kat-rin and her kats...can I suggest a middle name for your brand new baby kat? Here it comes: Klimakos. Mautzerl Klimakos Hatzfeld. There you go..