Monday, August 27, 2007

Lilly protesting

Lilly was not a happy bunny (or kitten) on Friday. Since her former owner was due to join us for the hubby's birthday party, we decided not to let her go out before he arrived. She was clearly unhappy about the whole "being held hostage" situation. When Sergej finally did arrive, with a two hour delay due to heavy traffic en route, we were busy telling her "no you cannot go out" for the 20th time. Being really pissed by now she made clear she did not want to be touched, talked to or looked at. She was also no longer willing to stay inside. So unhappy she was that she literally pissed against the wall next to the door in the hallway. Now we in turn weren't happy bunnies either but too shocked to stop her from doing so.
She then turned around (we were actually standing there because we were about to open the door to let her out) and went back to the living room. I swear she would have been stomping if she were able to. We could only persuade her to come outside with us the second time around. Lilly has forgiven us since and came in to get some food, water and TLC last night.

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