Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lilly's being loved

Lilly received a letter yesterday. The letter was addressed to her, the hubby and I were just c/o ed on the envelope. A real, handwritten letter it was as well. The last time I received a handwritten letter was a Thank You note from my friend Claudia, who had just gotten married and a letter from my good friend Kati, who knew that I would be jumping with joy to find a handwritten letter after having moved to Germany.

As for Lilly's letter. Lilly received the sweetest letter, including pictures of her when she was little. Thank you Maja! We were touched. Lilly is and will always be the cutest thing.

On another note, we got home yesterday to find a rain soaked Lilly sitting in the bushes waiting for us. She came upstairs with us and after eating like she's been gone for weeks (it was just one day) she went straight to the hubby's side of the bed to take a well deserved nap. When I was petting her she was purring loudly. My cute cuddly mama-kitten.

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