Monday, August 20, 2007

Update on Lilly and Maunzerl

After we came to agree on not letting Lilly out until she got along with Maunzerl, we caved in some 24 hours later. Lilly's become increasingly aggressive having to be inside when she wants to stroll around the neighborhood. Hence she started biting and scratching when you got too close to her. We decided that we rather have a happy cat and let her out. Now she returns home frequently, gets some food and rest and heads back out again after a while. So life is gooooood for her. She still does not like the fact that Maunzerl is around but manages to hiss and go her way instead of chasing that poor little thing across the apartment. We sure are happy that Lilly is almost back to her former self. Two days ago she was resting on the husbands side of the bed and I walked up to her to pet her and was astonished to find that she was purring loudly. As loud as we never heard her purr before, it was sooooo great and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

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