Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cat overdose

Thank goodness the hubby will be back tomorrow night. I really missed him. There is several reasons I can't wait for him to be back. Apart from the obvious reasons there is another one. One that has four legs, that is black and white, that purrs incessantly and follows me around wherever I go. I don't remember when the last time was that I was able to go to the bathroom by myself. As I am writing this she is sitting between me and the laptop, stretched across my left arm barely leaving me room to type.

Being home all day is not helping either. Don't get me wrong. I love the little one like crazy and I understand she is looking for physical contact and initally we were happy to have such a cuddely kitten. But I would really like to get up once in a while without having a cat between my legs as I am trying to walk. As soon as I walk into a room and close a door behind me I can hear her meowing as if it was the last time she'd see me.

Also she and Lilly still don't seem to get along. Anyone has any tips on how to bring an older and a younger cat together without them trying to kill each other? The little one is curious about everything Lilly does and Lilly on the other hand is quite annoyed by being followed around all the time. Yes, yes I do see parallels.

Last night the little one made herself comfortable in hubbie's bed when Lilly is demanding to be let into the bedroom. So I comply because I think it would be nice to have them around before going to sleep. The little one hides in a pile of blankets and Lilly lies down. They are physicall only parted by a summer duvet and Lilly has no clue that Maunzerl is only inches away from her. It just cracked me up to see that Lilly was so clueless. Only mere minutes after that photo was taken Lilly realized that we had unexpected company and the chase was on. So really. If any of you have any tips regarding the bringing together of two cats, I am desperate to hear what you have to say.


J said...

I dont have any cat experience yet but I think your 2 babies are just like human siblings. It reminds me how me and my sisters used to fight or fight for attention when we were kids.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I have no kitty advice but at least it sounds like it has supplied some entertainment or distraction from the hubbie being gone.