Wednesday, October 31, 2007

6 Things You May Already Know

The lovely Patty tagged me for this. I'm supposed to give 6 habits/facts about me. I am sure some of it you may have come across already on this blog but here it goes.

1. I love books. I read at least two of them simultaneously. I always have a book on my nightstand, one in the bathroom and one stashed in the living room. I also tend to carry one around in my purse.

2. I have to own a book. Getting a book from the library is out of the question. I have to go and buy it after I finished reading it. I need it in my possession.

3. I cannot walk past a store selling jewellery or accessories. I gotta go in and check it out. I am addicted to buying accessories. Necklaces, headbands, earrings you name it..I got plenty of that stuff matching my wardrobe.

4. I love being alone. Maybe the hubby can join me at some stage but I sincerely enjoy spending time on my own. In my own little world with my own weird little thoughts.. It is not that I don't enjoy going out or surrounding myself with great company but every once in a while I don't mind the hubby slipping out to go and play with the Xbox at a friend's house.

5. I never wanted to get married and now I am :)

6. I can play the accordion. My grandpa played it and I took lessons for about six years. I only ever played publicly twice. Most people find it ridiculous but it does remind me of my grandpa. Haven't played in years and tried recently. Still can do it :)

Finally I am supposed to tag six more people so I tag Mags, Melisa, Jules, Shannon, Jen and Danielle . Hope you haven't been tagged otherwise. I am curious and will follow up on my vacation. The laptop is already packed up and we are good to go.


Melisa said...

Oky doky, Kat! Thank goodness I started another blog so I can post this without feeling guilty that it doesn't relate to the book I'm trying to promote! :)

I will post this tomorrow. Today is for Halloween...

Melisa AND

Mags said...

Cool. I will do this either today or tomorrow...I think that you and I are very similar (like we haven't figured that out already) except that I can't play the accordian. I can play the flute though.

Nicole said...

I am exactly the same with books and with the loving to be alone thing (I guess it's the only child in me :)

Jules said...

I'm going to use your tag on me for tomorrow's NaBloPoMo post! THANK YOU! :)

Hope Ireland is great!

Jules said...

Wait, I thought you were a NaBloPoMo member... (which is why I thought I'd use your tag for my post over there tomorrow)? Didn't I see you had one of their badges up here, or have I officially gone loco? I was just going to add you to my "friends" over there... let me know if you're on there or not!

House of Jules

FRIGGA said...

I totally agree with number four. And I love books too, but I absolutely insist on giving my 100% attention to any book I read. Usually this leads to a few weekends a year where I do nothing but read for an entire weekend. ;-)

Danielle A. said...

Will be doing this today - and I also agree with number 4. There's something to be said for a braind new book. :)