Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Answer time

Thank you all for your comments. It is much appreciated. On a lighter note I only now realized why the hubby was referring to a thousand kisses in his comment. That’s what you get for letting the laptop unlocked when you head to the bathroom. It was sweet though.

As for the actual post it seems that most of you put money away but also manage to treat themselves. Now we don’t have any kids and we tend to splurge it all on ourselves. Okay this month may have been a bit more extreme as both my parents had their birthdays and we will have to take Lilly to the vet for a third time. But still. I have decided that we will be a bit more careful and I hope we will manage to save some more.

@ Jeninacide - it really is all about moderation and how did you know I had a weakness for hot fudge brownie sundaes too? *lol* Thanks heaven they are far and between to find in Germany so I am not too tempted.

@ Melisa – we actually have an accountants book in which I manually enter our earnings and expenses. I also keep a box in which I save all the receipts. Though that’s for my reference to see if things are getting more expensive. We do have a pretty good idea of where our money goes it is just that we say “aaw another $ 50 for whatever won’t hurt. But it does. But holy moly – kids sure are expensive. Three shoe sizes? Does he want to fit into Magic Johnson’s shoes? No wonder you’re wallet is made of onion skins.

@ Mags – love conquers all. At least I hope it does though. I am not a hopeless romantic and probably never will be but I think that knowing you are with the person you truly love makes all this more bearable and sooner or later the stupid car loan will be paid off and things are gonna be brighter. You’re right though as long as we have each other and stick up for one another it should be easy to deal with.

@ Misguided Mommy – neato*lol* You think I should go all out and splurge?

@ J – Wrinkles? Oh please don’t say wrinkles. I promise I will stop worrying immediately. I am showing wrinkles now. Around my eyes mostly so they are not the kind you get from frowning or worrying but one never knows and a bit of caution can’t hurt. I like the quote though. Money is something if you have nothing and we sure do have something so it should not take up most of our thoughts. We’re just going to go out and enjoy ourselves and I will eventually go and get that appointment at my favorite hairdresser and spend some money on a decent dye job and a neat haircut.

@ hubby - All rise for the honorable judge Kat. False imprisonment is unlawful and will be punished as will be the taking hostage of a laptop. You are hereby sentenced to twothousand kisses. Any appeal will be dismissed!


Mags said...

Here's to being more frugal!

And also, you may have the cutest hubby EVER, you lucky duck! ;)

Kat said...

Phew I had to translate frugal first but I agree with you. It can't hurt to cut back.
The hubby is gonna love this. I'm gonna hear about this all day long LOL. He is very cute though and we've been in one of those whirlwind romances. We met and decided to get married about 8 months later and 12 months later we were married. I think finding him was my lucky day.

Anonymous said...

Your hubby is soo cute!

If you splurge anywhere...splurge on your hair! I don't mean to sound horribly shallow and vain (b/c a I am not honestly) but this is an area I won't compromise. Even if I don't by new outfits for awhile, a new hairdo & color just makes up for it!

Kat said...

Patty :) That's where I am going to splurge next. I will set up an appointment today!

FRIGGA said...

Haha - funny, although if my computer were held hostage things would get very ugly very quickly ;-0

Jeninacide said...

I would definitely say it is all about moderation. For example, my husband and I EACH put at LEAST 10% of our paycheck in our savings accounts so that we always have a cushion- but then there are months where we go out to more fancy dinners than usual, or I dunno, but a new CAR (ok that only happened once), or buy stuff for the house that is not in our budget, and in that case we take money out of our savings guilt free. We don't worry about spending the money we have saved, as long as we are continuing to put money away. Does that make sense?! : )

Kat said...

@Jeninacide, it makes total sense. I was thinking something along those lines would help us as well.