Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blast from the Past

Why is it that quite frequently people from your past pop up either in person or by writing you an email, even though you haven’t been in touch for several years? Unlike my parents that were born and raised in my hometown and who basically did not leave it apart from going away to study, my husband and I have been around (no, not like that- take your minds out of the gutter). While my parents have had the same friends since High School and have a very tied bond with them I have friends from my childhood, from middle school, high school, my Au-Pair year, university, my hometown, my first job and my new job.

Now it so happens that from each period of your life you will slowly lose touch with those friends and usually one or two of each period remain. Those are the friendships that mean the world to me. Friends I’d go out of my way for to make them happy or help them. You may not have spoken to them in months or even years but when you do decide to call them you seem to pick up where you left off and it seems not a day has gone by since then.

Then there’s people that you have had a connection to. Nothing too strong. People that you barely think of now. Yet they pop up frequently like a blast from the past. After a forced conversation or one or two emails or phone conversations they disappear once again. This usually leads me to ponder about the past and why I have left things behind. It is like those memories leave a bad taste in your mouth and I was wondering if it is just me or if somebody else thinks like that as well. You may like the people but there’s things in the past that I’d rather they stay there without being constantly reminded *lol*.


J said...

There are also many people I've met from the past that I don't want to see anymore. I dont think I did something wrong or they did something wrong but I feel my past was no longer me. I bump into people from the past, and they still think I'm the old me and treat me that way. I find it better to move on w/o them coz they constantly remind me of some things I dont wanna remember anymore.

Kat said...

J, I could not have put it better. You are so right on this one. Especially with the "I don't think I did something wrong or they did something wrong". This is what I felt and could not put my finger on it.