Monday, October 1, 2007

Bathroom Fun

So Monday is almost over and I finally have a minute to blog. The hubby just got home from soccer early. He was hurting. After asking him what was wrong he clenched his teeth, smiled crookedly and said he was getting old. Ha. I knew he would eventually admit it.

So he decided a bath would be just what he needed right now. This is where the fun started. Now don't get me wrong, my husband is a well-groomed and very neat person. He just doesn't do baths. That is unless he is hurting some way or another. A bath when a cold is approaching. Sure. A bath when your muscles are hurting from sports. Certainly. A bath for relaxing purposes? No way. What do you think?

So I knew it had to be either a cold or some other pain in an undisclosed area. The scenario that unfolded later was too funny. I hear the water running into the tub when all of the sudden I hear "Kat, can you come here for a second?" "Sure" I yell back while rolling my eyes. "How do you keep the water in? Oh I see, the cat pushed your make-up into the tub and now your eyeshadow is clogging the drain and I can't push the plug down. What foam bath can I use? Is it okay if I use yours?" WTF??? It sure is, you are living here as well.

Sweat is running down my forehead now as I try to picture the scenario. Before he does any more damage I decide to join him in the bathroom and enter just as my beloved husband is about to get into the tub. He sticks one foot in the tub that is short of being filled to the brim. "Hot, hot, hot" He yells and jumps back out. Apparently testing the water is not what a manly man does.

Water is all over the floor now. More cold water is being added while my husband (he is quite tall) is kneeling pathetically next to the bathtub looking a bit helpless. I am being lectured that real men are very heat sensitve. At their feet. So before I die laughing or of a heart attack I decide to leave him to it. How come men can be geniuses but can't take a proper bath? :)


J said...

Your hubby is so funny! Glad he didn't dive into the hot tub right away. That would have been funny but scary :p

Misguided Mommy said...

okay seriously my husband is such a wuss about hot water. i tried to get him to take a bath with me the other day and he dipped his little toe in and cried like a little girl. when it finally cooled down enough he made a big huge production out of holding onto his man parts so they weren't instantly submerged in the water, rather eased into it. This shit was hilarious. Then he sat there sighing asking if this was supposed to be fun. I just leaned up against him, used him as a pillow and said, yeah its great for me, as the faucet jammed him in the back!

Kat said...

Yes J, he is quite funny. Sometimes unintentionally though :).

@misguided mommy. Now that made me crack up. The "rather easing in part" especially. Seems that our husbands are alike