Thursday, October 11, 2007

Favorite Smells

As we got out of the house this morning and took a deep breath you could feel the winter coming. The air was cold and clean and crisp and smelt of absolutely nothing. It was then that I thought about what exactly my favorite smell is.

So here is a random list of smells that are unique and so good they make me want to inhale and not leave until I have soaked it up entirely.

I like the smell of fresh cinema popcorn. It is just not the same as the popcorn you make at home and somehow belongs to the whole movie watching experience. I also like the smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee in the morning and I bet a lot of you are with me on that. A smell of a fresh-out of the oven muffin will even enhance the smell of that oh so yummy morning brew. I love the smell of a new car. I always have the urge to fill my lungs to the max in a new car. Funny thing is -not so much in my own new car –somehow I seem to think I can make that smell last longer if I don’t inhale too deeply.

On the same level – new leather. Be it a leather jacket or car seats or a leather couch. I could hang around to smell them all day long.

Also one of my favorite smells – the ocean and suntan lotion. Oh my – I suddenly want to go for a nice long holiday. The smell of a new book. Now that makes me almost dizzy. I have stopped reading certain books before because their smell made me nauseous but a really nice freshly printed book – definitely among my top three favorite smells.

Freshly baked bread, the air after some heavy rain that followed a hot day, fresh-cut grass and vanilla also belong on my list.

What I love most about smells is that they can take me on a trip down memory lane in no time. Nothing else can do that. Not a visual, not music… This may be one of the reasons why I loved Patrick Süskind’s book The Perfume so much. It is all about different smells. Ok it is also a terrifying examination of what happens when one man's indulgence in his greatest passion—his sense of smell—leads to murder. That is what it says on the cover and it is true. Some truly disgusting things happen in the book but it is still one of the best books ever.

What are your top three favorite smells?


Melisa said...

Let's see:
1. The smell of lilac. It takes me back to when I was a kid. Someone who lived in our neighborhood had a ton of lilac bushes and the spring air filled with their scent for a couple of weeks: I love that.

2. Steak being grilled outside. Especially if I'm the lucky one that gets to eat it.

3. I have to agree with you on the buttered popcorn from the movie theater...


J said...

I like
1)the smell of nature during early morning
2) stationary papers
3) newly cooked french fries
4)yes, popcorn too!
5)milk shower gels
6)Downy fabric conditioner
7)The Body Shop Jasmine Body Mist
8)You'd say eew but I like the smell of dried fish being fried (It's a Filipino thing lol)

Patty said...

1. Freshly baked bread just reminds me of home. You can alwaya smell the when the bakery has made fresh bread, we live 2 blocks away.

2.Wet Swiffer smell when all the floors & stairs in my apt have been cleaned. I'm a clean freak I know.

3.Red favorite flowers. I just love that sweetness of fresh flowers

Nicole said...

1. The smell of my grandparents house, I can't put my finger on one particular smell it's just the smell of their house.
2. The smell of summer
3. The scent of a good-smelling man :)

Mags said...

Um..yeah. I could have written this post. I actually wrote a post like this a couple of years ago! LOVE smells...

Lemon and garlic
Fresh yeast when making bread
Fresh baked bread
The smell of autumn
The smell of the air before it snows
The smell of the earth thawing during spring
Clean sweaty boys after they hike

Lots, lots more...

Misguided Mommy said...

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Jules said...

1) Bonfires in the fall, which usually entails s'mores!

2) Burning candles

3) Fresh-from-the-dryer laundry

4) Nag Champa incense, which is what they always burn at The House of Blues.

5) Men (the good smellin' ones, that is!)

*List is not necessarily in order of importance

House of Jules

Kat said...

Hehe, I can tell good smelling men rank high on your lists. I am so with you.

@misguided mommy- i sent you an email because I am a clumsy klutz