Friday, October 5, 2007


Thank God it's Friday. I haven't had a minute really all day so I haven't been able to post anything yet. So we went to the grocery store after work and when we got home we made dinner. We had Spaghetti Bolognese. It is simple to make and I can prepare it in my sleep plus it is so very yummy and done the Weight Watchers way.

Now we are cozy on the couch watching the cat sitting a mere 10 inches from the screen watching The Fast and the Furious. I guess she is a Vin Diesel Fan. Yesterday we realized that our little cat is retrieving her toys. Though I have to say she has very few toys that we bought. She just finds random things in our appartment that she can busy herself with for hours. The other day she found a cable tie and she's been dragging that thing all over the place. She brings it to us and we throw it. She goes after it, kills it with her hind legs and proudly brings it back to us. So funny. I just realized that we haven't posted any pictures of the cats in a while but the little one has grown so much she weighs about five and a half pounds now.

The hubby seems to come down with something so I put him into a hot bath and sent him to bed. I hope he won't get sick.

I won twice at Frigga's "name that song"quiz over at Any Apples . Go check it out it is quite funny. But no cheating allowed!

Anybody got any idea what I could make for dinner tomorrow night? I'd like to surprise my hubby with something nice that is not too time consuming to prepare. I should maybe add that he isn't into fish or seafood. I do cook almost every night and I do make things from scratch with fresh ingredients but somehow I seem to have run out of ideas.


Jeninacide said...

Oh gosh how jealous I am that you are time zones ahead of me and your workday is OVER. Mine is dragging.. So tempted to bust out of here early!

If you're looking for recipes try checking out Misguided Mommy's Tasty Temptations recipe blog. I made the Chicken Adobo last night for myself and was SHOCKED at how simple yet AMAZING it was. OMG YUM! I just ate leftovers of it for lunch ant it was truly fab.

Also, is my favorite place to get healthy yet tasty recipes- and if you're doing the WW thing it give you all nutrition facts so you can count points. : )

Kat said...

Hi Jen, thanks for the tip. I'm gonna check Misguided Mommy's recipe blog first. Have a good weekend.

alyndabear said...

Yum... I had spaghetti bol last night too, and cooked some chicken mince & herb meatballs to go with 'em. *wants more*

What about something sort of fancy, like a rack of lamb & baked veggies? Lamb tastes beautiful with basil pesto on it.. mmm..

Nicole said...

Well since he doesn't like fish I guess salmon (with a silent L) is out lol Thanks for the link to that song it was hilarious!

FRIGGA said...

Hey thanks for the link love! And geeze, it's been months since I've made dinner for anybody - my kitchen is so bare I'm embarressed! 8-) Have a great weekend! :P

Jules said...

Hey Kat! has fabulous recipes. You can search for recipes by either ingredient, by chef, or by food network show. TONS of great recipes on there, and they're all also listed by degree of difficulty.


Misguided Mommy said...

hey over on my blog is a link to my food blog, tasty temptations, it is full of quick and easy things to make, and some of mine even have pictures.

Misguided Mommy said...

okay just realized that jen already told you about it..thats a good little jen pimping me out

Kat said...

@Misguided Mommy-Yes, Jen's a good friend she totally thought of you. I am proud to report that I have tried the Pasta with Chicken and garlic cream sauce from your Tasty Temptations blog. Yummy.

Thank you everyone for your tips I will go and look for inspiration on these websites. I frequently run out of ideas of what I should be cooking.

Mags said...


Sorry I missed you in your time of need (recipes!!!) Next time, k?