Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good morning reads

What newssites do you read first thing in the morning? I have noticed that apart from checking all my favorite blogs and my emails I visit more or less the same old sites in pretty much the same order every f*****g day.I usually start of with Spiegel online- a weekly German news mag that has a great website

The Irish Independent

Then I move on to The Times website before I head to the gossip blogs

Of course my reading may vary and as I said I spent time on checking my emails and all the blogs I heart.

Let me know what morning read you can't do without and whether you are just quickly checking in or if you are enjoying a cuppa coffee with it.


Jeninacide said...

Hmm! I think I am with you- I am in a bit of a RUT. I always read my regular blogs first.. then I read my the blogs that I will ONLY read after I have read my regulars. Then if I still have time I read the blogs that I only read a couple of times a week. I guess my NEWS reading has gone completely out the window these days. But I do still read the paper every day before work! So- does that count?

Anonymous said...

I'm been reading my favorite blogs so much I barely read my celebrity gossip sites like and

As for news, I'm a girl or my local tv stations - always support the home team! lol!

alyndabear said...

I'm so sorry I missed Delurking Day, but you can never be too late to say hello. :)

I have the Sydney Morning Herald ( on my homepage so I check that first. Then Bloglines, where I do all my stalkage. Then my blogpage, followed by anything else I can remember.

Vera said...

I start off with Stern and Spiegel as well as Focus. Sometimes Bild just for fun. I also like

FRIGGA said...

Hey, I came by to let you know you answered the Song correctly - care to take another try? :D

Karl Bakla said...

I start my day by drinking about a pot of coffee (I wake up extra early for this task) which is how I usually recover from the previous nights drinking binge/rock ‘n roll juggernaut, listen to the NPR new stream, & of course can’t do with out my daily trip to! With this done I’m ready for my trek West on Sahara towards the Las Vegas strip.

FRIGGA said...

We definitely have similar tastes in music - I've switched it up a bit to a different genre and decade - are you still that good?