Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy weekend -all work and little fun

This weekend was a bit more stressful than I expected it to be. We threw out the old convertible sofa-bed we had in the office/guestroom. The previous Friday we had purchased a king-size bed that was supposed to be delivered this Saturday.

Now we moved into this apartment in the middle of February and we still had the odd moving box standing around. So we unpacked the boxes, sighted and sorted stuff and threw out everything we didn't need any longer. That in itself usually causes me major distress. I am a collector and I am normally having a hard time to let go of things. Anyway the room was emptied, cleaned and ready for the bed only the delivery company took its time. The hubby was pacing back and forth, calling the store every hour. Finally at 6pm the bed was deliverd and the hubby stepped up to the plate and assembled the whole thing. Once it was done we laid back and relaxed. Quite a comfortable bed for the guest room and just in time before my friend Elaine will come to visit us coming Friday.

Today was cleaning day. The hubby did more than his fair share of cleaning by vacuuming and washing the floors. It was quite a sight for my sore eyes. I always appreciate his help around the house. Anyway now we're totally lazy and we're going to bum out on the couch now for the rest of the evening.


Jules said...

New furniture! How exciting! I just got new living room furniture and it's quite the upgrade from the crap I used to have in there. I mean, it's actual furniture that isn't made from bamboo. :)

House of Jules

Patty said...

Cleaning just gives me a HUGE sense of accomplishment. I tackled my 'catch all' closet yesterday and shred 2 BIG bags full of old bills.YAY!

lin said...

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