Monday, November 19, 2007

Deep in thought or a case of the Mondays

A colleague of mine sends me these daily motivators and I love her for it. This morning’s motivator was all about happiness. Somehow these first two sentences stuck with me.
“ The good things in life do not create happiness. The good things in life arise from happiness.”
I am in a really good place now in my life and I am happy because a lot of good things have been happening and they in turn arose from me being happy. I have been in unhappy in love. I have been a pretty happy single, I have been in a stupid job. I have been in great jobs but I never seemed truly happy. There was a point in my life about two and a half years back that I thought what the heck? You only live once and I jumped at opportunities and I did things I wouldn’t have normally done. And for the first time I was really happy – no but, no doubt- just happy. As a result good things started happening. I was promoted, I met a great guy who would become my husband and life is good.

If anyone would come up to me now and ask if I had the chance would I change anything I would reply that I don’t think I would. I am happy and content where I am right now. Sure there’s the odd battle with my weight (too much of it), money (not enough of it) or the inescapable question any woman will ask herself at one point in her life. Do I want kids or not? I don’t have an answer for all of that right now. The grass seems always greener on the other side and we always want what we don’t have / can’t get. That does not change the fact that right now I am the happiest I have been in a long, long time and I am grateful for that.


Pocklock said...

Great quote, Kat. There's so many ways to interpret it. I agree with the first sentence and the second one just makes one think. Think a lot. Think about the fact that if you're always an unhappy person that keeps yourself in unhappy situations, you never will know what it's like to experience good things in life and truly be happy about them. I used to be this person... I'm so happy I made the choice to change.

Jeninacide said...

I totally relate to what you're saying. I was unhappy with things for a long time until I stepped outside of my comfort zone and made some decisions that I would not normally make- and here I am: HAPPIER THAN EVER!! :-D

Lainey-Paney said...

I am happiest when I am productive.
I love that sense of accomplishment., having said that....for those who say that money doesnt buy happiness...I am sooooo up for the challenge.

Melisa said...

I agree with the quote, Kat...I think it's all in the attitude!

And I agree with Lainey-paney. I'm up for that challenge, too! LOL

Oh, by the way...I'm baaaaack! :)

Uncommon Blonde said...

I like that quote. I also like "Happiness is not a set of circumstances, it's a state of mind." Your case of the Mondays is very uplifting!

Valley Girl said...

You are so lucky to be happy. Cherish it!

Kat said...

@ Pocklock- very well said. If your outlook is negative you can't expect to be happy either.

@ Jeninacide- glad to hear it and with that wonderful hubby of yours and your lovely baby on the way...sigh

@ Lainey-Painey - hehe, yeah I'd like to show doesn't buy happiness pheeew. I'm in to prove them wrong :)

@ Melisa- so that's three of us against the money doesn't buy happiness front. Welcome back. You were missed. Hope you had a good time.

@ Uncommon Blonde - so true. It is a state of mind. Hard to achieve sometimes but nonetheless, you are right.

@ Valley Girl- Thanks :) We all know there will be better times and there will be worse times but I will try to hang on to the good ones while they last.

Jules said...

I love that quote, Kat!

(Was I the only one who read the title of your post & thought of that woman from the movie "Office Space" saying, "Someone's got a case of the Mondays..."?)
House of Jules

Kat said...

@ Jules, it seems like it. I love Office Space...but that is my stapler *rofl*

Anonymous said...

So well said!!!

I'm happy for you and you are in inspiration for me. I'm ready to look for the guy who is worthy of me :)

Airam said...

That is a great thought ... we are happy therefore everything in our life is good. I like it.

alyndabear said...

I'm happy that YOU are happy!

tearsinmycoffee said...

funny...I replied to an email this morning in response to a friend who I asked "are you happier now than a year ago?" His response was no and my reply was "why are you not using your past to improve your future?" Life's too short to not be happy. We should seek out those things that do make us happy and make sure we're using them/aware of them on a daily basis!

Thanks for sharing.