Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are we even Newlyweds anymore?

I know what you are going to say. You can tell immediately if a couple hasn't been married for too long. They are still celebrating their "monthly" anniversary. Every 13th of the month we smile at each other and we do acknowledge that this is our anniversary and then we go about our daily business.

This morning I woke up and wished my hubby a happy anniversary. I went about my morning routine and then went to the kitchen to open the thirteenth door on my little advent calendar that hangs next to the fridge.

See exhibit A

When I open the door out falls a piece of paper all folded up instead of the piece of chocolate that I was expecting.

See exhibit B

My hubby got up last night to leave that little message in my calender for me to find this morning.

See exhibit CI found that a very cute idea and I am really happy to have such a loving husband. One month from now we will be married for exactly one year.


Melisa said...

I'm so glad I could translate that! :)
What a SWEET note! (tell him I said so too. :) )

Happy Anniversary!

Remembering Ruby
Suburban Scrawl

Robert said...

The nerve of him to eat your chocolate! ;)

Lindz said...

That is freaking cute! I was thinking of doing something like that for Josh but everyday for an advent calendar as my anniversary gift to him. Too much work for me this year though.

Pocklock said...

I have no idea what that says, but I bet it's super cute!

We got married on the 13th! And it was 16 months today! It never gets old. :-)

Taj said...

That is incredibly sweet! The first year of marriage is a fabulous time.
And it keeps getting better!

An early Happy Anniversary to you!

Airam said...

Aww that's so romantic! I wish I knew what it says!!

Mags said...

Never let that die.

You may not do it every month for the rest of your lives, but don't ever forget those feelings-you've got something very special.

I'm so happy for you!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Ohhh, I love advent calendars! Too bad we can't read what the note says, I wish I was super fab and could speak several languages ... Happy Anniversary, isn't married life great?!

J said...

what a cute calendar! It was also so sweet of your husband to leave that sweet note.

Anonymous said...

How romantic!! That's so sweet!!

Not So Perfect said...

That was super cute and romantic. I hope you guys find ways throughout your marriage to make each other feel special.

Misguided Mommy said...

we've been married 3 years and still do our monthly anniversary

Jules said...

That is so adorable!!!
House of Jules

Anonymous said...

This is soo cute, you guys are adorable!!

Stephanie said...

How sweet!! He sounds very thoughtful. You are lucky!