Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Hanukkah, Christmas and how Rudolph became the Rednosed Reindeer (not really)

So I have been pondering about a lot of things lately.

Ok mainly what to do with 43 million Euro really *lol*.Or why the heck I was dreaming that I was going out with Tom Cruise’s brother. I did some research on Wikipedia and found out that Tom Cruise doesn’t even have a brother, he does have a sister though. And why am I going out with somebody else than my husband in the first place? We will never know but I digress.

Every year in December I ponder about my life and the decisions made during the course of the year. About whether or not the choices I/we made were great or we effed up in some major way. I suppose it is in the festive spirit that I want to come out looking all clean and glam. I love Christmas time and I cannot wait until we get to see our families again and get to spend some time with them and our old friends back home. But that is an entirely different post for some other time.

From Melisa I learnt a lot about Hanukkah. If you, just like me, can only show some half a$$ed bitty knowledge about the Festival of Lights, go over to her blog and read her wonderful post. It was truly inspiring and I had no idea. But read for yourselves.

I wish I knew more about how people celebrate Christmas in other parts of the world or about the different religious festivities going on. It struck me that we I just automatically assumed everyone was going to celebrate Christmas the way we do. On the evening of the 24th with a tree and presents. Though I very well know about Hanukkah and that the celebration of Christmas is different from ours and some people don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

In most parts of the world that celebrate Christmas the 25th of December is the day that the presents are opened. But who knew that St. Stephen’s Day is celebrated on the 26th of December in the Western Church and on the 27th of December in the Eastern Church as they tend to adhere to the Julian calendar? And who knew that the 26th of December is commonly known as Boxing Day in the United Kingdom, Canada and other Commonwealth countries? It’s origin going back to the times when it was common for people to give a present or Christmas box to those who had worked for them throughout the year. Hence the term Boxing Day.

The different customs are too plentiful to be discussed in one post but what is your favorite part about the Christmas season?


Danielle A. said...

My favorite part is getting to send Christmas cards and give Christmas presents. It helps to show people that they are thought of and loved at a time of year when we should be spreading peace and joy to everyone.

That - and spending lots of time with family and friends laughing, having a good time, and reflecting on the year.

Pocklock said...

To me, Christmas Eve is the holiday too, but it's not when we open presents. It's just when we have the most fun and the best food.

I'm not a huge meat eater and my Dad makes lasagna for Christmas Eve. It's awesome and it's the thing our family looks forward to the most!

Melisa said...

I'm with Danielle. Like I said in my post, presents aren't a big deal on Hanukkah, but I do like to give them. I also very much enjoy the holiday cards.

My big pet peeve though is getting a holiday card from someone I am rarely in contact with, and there is just a signature. I want to know what's going on with these people! (I don't mind holiday letters either; I find them very informative!)

Emily said...

My favorite part is decorating and the gift giving. I get a real kick out of it and it feels incredible to see someone light up over it.

Anonymous said...

I think you know my favorite part about Christmas...duh shopping and buying presents for my loved ones. I also love the decorating part.

On a side note when I was in grammar school I used to "argue" with the kids telling them that Christmas was on the 12/24 not the 12/25. I didn't understand the whole Christmas eve thing...I just thought everyone was wrong. Then I remember telling them well Spanish people celebrate on 12/24...I remember thinking duh we are sooo much smarter than those who wait until the 25th.LMAO!! I was such a silly kid.LOL!