Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here comes another bubble

Now this I came across last night while being on Youtube and OMG did I have a laugh. It is a song by The Richter Scales and here's a little teaser:

"Blog, blog, blog it all. Blog it if it's big or small. Blog at the cineplex.
Blog while you're having sex, blog in the locker room, babies blogging in the
womb. Blog even if you're wrong, won't you blog about this song? "

Oh I so will blog about this song but listen for yourselves. It is great and I am pretty sure this bubble is going to burst sooner or later and I am sure WEB 3.0 is going to be on the cards...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! It's so hysterical! hmmm how can I have my blog make $$$ for me???? :)

Melisa said...

That was very entertaining! What were you searching for when you found it?

Kat said...

It is hilarious, isn't it? Melisa I found it looking for a Blues Traveller Song and I came across it on the main page => "Videos being watched right now.."

Robert said...

That's hilarious. I actually do hope there is another dot com bust, so I can invest some money and hit it big! haha ;)

Rob said...

Wow, I am shocked. So with my little blog thing I am doing something mainstream? Do I dare to dream I might even be doing something popular?

OMG, I don't think that has ever happened to me before and it’s pretty freaky! Someone hold me, I'm scared!


Jules said...

I'm sure Billy Joel must be pleased with this. You know that one is a little sensitive about people messing with his masterpieces... however, I thought it was hilarious!
House of Jules

Kat said...

Robert, when you're about to invest drop me a line because I want in *lol*

Rob, I know this comes as a shock to you. Stay put I am going to send someone to hold you :)

Jules, I hope Billy is okay with it. I am quite sure he enjoys this bit. After all being copied is the biggest compliment :)

Uncommon Blonde said...

That's a good one. My hubbie is an IT guy and he wears tan pants and blue button down shirts all of the time! lol