Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spread the Love

Lovely Taj over at Taj Wanders spread the love and presented me with The Spreader of Love award and I am really honored as I only found her blog recently via Jules' blog from House of Jules and The Nerdy Redneck.

Now it is difficult to decide who to pass this on to as I love so many of your blogs but I would like to present this award to Melisa for both of her blogs Remembering Ruby and Suburban Scrawl. Melisa is just an amazing woman, wife, mother, writer...she's funny and witty.

Also to Mags of Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U who always keeps her positive outlook on life and who totally deserves this award.

So does Patty from Just a NYC Girl , we seem to have a lot in common and she usually writes what is on my mind and vice versa.

So go on and spread the love on your blogs.


Mags said...

I saw this earlier at work (and can't know) but am flattered to have gotten 2 awards from you!

Thank you so much Kat. I love that we met via blogs and that you enjoy reading me.

:) You're the greatest!

Melisa said...

Mags! I was going to say all of that! You stole my comment! LOL

Seriously Kat, I echo the brilliant Mags. Thank you so much!

(vielen dank!) :)

Suburban Scrawl
Remembering Ruby

Taj said...

I'm happy that you found me! I quite enjoy your blog.

You've also just reminded me Melisa wasn't on my blogroll! How could I have forgotten the wonderful Melisa! :)