Monday, January 21, 2008

How on Earth...?

I seriously do not do well with stupid people. Heavens, I really, really do not do well with stupid people. And I can't think of a single good reason any of us should have to. Nope, not even a single one but do you think it is a bit harsh to tell them of the Darwin Awards?

Don't get me wrong I am totally in favor of some idiots eliminating themselves from the human gene pool in the funniest ways. Yep the Darwin Awards have been announced and after reading the winning entries and getting some entertainment out of it, I am already looking forward to next year. I know it is only January but seriously I can’t wait. The Darwin Awards, and I am sure most readers have heard of them by now, are Honoring those who improve the accidentally removing themselves from it!.

My favorite this year though is “Lawnchair Larry” who got an honorable mentioning. He did not actually remove himself from our precious earth but came pretty close or as the website says Although the stupidity displayed in the following tales stops short of the ultimate sacrifice, we salute the spirit and innovation shown in these misadventures.

Lawnchair Larry’s adventures date back to 1982. His childhood dream was to be able to fly. He purchased 45 weather balloons which he tied to his lawnchair and filled them with helium. We want to add that he was all grown up by then. He took some sandwiches, Miller Lite, and a pellet gun. He figured he would pop a few of the many balloons when it was time to descend. His plans to float up to 30 feet was crossed when he shot into the L.A. sky like a rocket eventually leveling off at 16, 000 feet. Yes you read that right. 16, 000 feet. He did not dare popping some of his many balloons and thus kept floating through LAX airspace for 14 hours!!!

He eventually shot some of the balloons and slowly descended before getting the tethers caught up in the powerlines and causing a major blackout in Long Beach. He was later arrested.

Well, it is safe to call the man a moron.


Melissa said...

Oy, someone deserves a beating!! ;)

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my...that is nuts! Those awards really get me wondering about the human race. Survival of the fittest I supose.

Have a great day!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I like the one about the naked couple that fell off of the roof. What a way to go out ... I can't believe they both died!

Jeninacide said...

That's hilarious. I actually LOVE stupid people. They make me feel smarter.

Kat said...

Melissa- I hope you don't mean me :)

Corey- Yes it is all about the survival of the fittest. Hehe..Hope you will have a great day as well.

Uncommon blonde-You can say that again. That story cracked me up as well.

Jeninacide- that's a very valid point *lol*

me & them said...

Totally hearing you on the icky & poisonous wildlife etc.

Huntsman spiders are the worst - apparently not venomous, but they're at least bigger than your hand, and sooo creepy. I miss the UK and their itty bitty spiders.

I swear I'm about to amputate my own toes. I am in agony, and these things can kill, so I'm totally freaking out!

Jules said...

I'm so glad that Lawnchair Larry didn't end up microwaving one of his hands at the end of his story. ;)
House of Jules

Lainey-Paney said...

Last night, my husband & I were watching a show...and a detective referred to this woman as "intellectually disadvantaged"...OMG, my hubby & I had to pause the show b/c we were laughing so hard. Of course, that's our new favorite phrase.

"Um...honey, that won't really work like that. You have to do it THIS way. Oh, it's okay. I know that you are 'intellectually disadvantaged'..."

Kat said...

me&them- icky indeed. I would totally freak out. Hope you'll be better soon.

Jules- yeah I cleverly left that part out as I promised no microwaved limbs for a while.

Lainey-Painey- that is hilarious.I think I'm gonna try to use that in my next conversation.

alyndabear said...

My uncle has a whole book of Darwin award winners... really crazy!

Paper Propaganda said...

i don't know, i kind of thought the microwaved body parts was kinda funny too... in a sick sorta way!

where's this guy's mother anyway? i bet she's proud ;)

p.s. - sending you some snow, should arrive soon! :)