Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday

...and I don't mean that song by U2. It is to express my dislike of Sundays. Ihate them with a passion. Come to think of it I may even have blogged about it here before. This Sunday was actually pretty mellow. We slept in. Those of you with kids or cats or dogs or other pets or quite possibly all of the above know what it means to sleep in.

Usually our two little critters sit in front of our bedroom door meowing as if their lives depended on it. Well it does because if they could open the little sachets of cat food themselves I doubt they would still live with us. They would probably live in a little bush not far from the house with my favorite $ 50 blanket. They'd be spending their days sleeping, chasing their tails, sleeping some more and opening a sachet of Catilicious Liver and Chicken. "Another serving dear?" "Why certainly sweety."

We had a lovely brunch aaaaand to award ourselves for yesterday's spring-cleaning we thought we would do something fun. We did our taxes, which sucked balls. We hired somebody to do them for us but because of the cross border move early in the year it was all rather complicated. Phew.

Now it is Sunday night and I really don't want the weekend to end. It's not so much that I dread going to work because I love my job and I'm having fun at work, it is just that I don't want the lazy part of the weekend to end. Don't want the rigid daily routine. Sigh but thank Heavens this will go away once Monday is over.

Oh and before I forget, please come and visit me in my mini city . I still need some more population. You can visit once a day and with each visit the population increases. You don't even have to leave a comment or anything. Each hit counts. I have a bit of a competition with a colleague in work and need each visitor to let my little city grow. Melisa, I am trying to hold on to that little house of yours in the corner and noticed that you now have a bit of paved road in front of your house. Luxurious *lol*.


Melissa said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Sunday's either. We're getting a little respite here, everyone has Martin Luther King Day off tomorrow. I see some solo shopping in my future! Yippee!

Mags said...

I don't mind Sunday's...I just don't like Sunday nights. Like now for instance, I don't want to think about getting up for work tomorrow...wouldn't it be so great to be rich?

Melisa said...

Seems like you don't like MONDAYS to me. Your Sunday sounded delightful!

I just went to check out "my house". Nice road! Now if you could just install a grocery store so we could all eat (and Mags can cook for us), we'd be all set! LOL

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Kat said...

Melissa - enjoy your long weekend.

Mags- Your culinary skills are highly welcome in my little city. Come back tomorrow and chose a house :)

Melisa - Yep a grocery store would make sense. Where else is Mags gonna get the stuff for our delicious dinners? :) Did you notice that I have a nine storey building now??? AMAZING I tell you *lol*

Don Mills Diva said...

I love Sundays 0- it's Monday mornings that get me down...