Friday, February 22, 2008

Keeping Mum or Mum's the Word

I am having a difficult time keeping secrets. I am not one to spill the beans but I find it hard to not be able to talk about something exciting. I am sure you’re all with me on that or are you actually good at keeping secrets and if so, how do you do it???

It is official now and I can talk about it. So here it goes. My best friend who is still living in Ireland, will be moving back to Germany! There you have it. It is out and I feel so much better.

She and I have so many things in common and I have missed her every single day ever since moving back myself around this time last year. We even share the same first name. Kat and I used to work for the same airline before she left the company to move to greener pastures. We kept in touch and went through a lot of things together. We called each other almost every day. Thursdays were the days that we would have our girl’s night in our favorite Pub and Kat was always there. We went to the gym together, we travelled around Ireland together, we cooked together…there’s not much we did without consulting the other one.

Kat met her boyfriend at my 30th birthday come engagement party and a few months down the line they moved in together. They are a lovely couple and I enjoy spending time with them. I was heartbroken when we moved back to Germany. You know how you seem to always have different friends in certain phases in life but some friends stick around forever? Well I was always hoping and praying that she would stick around and that we would not lose touch once we were separated. (I can hear the hubby’s voice in my head now “Yeah like that would actually happen “*sarcastically raised eyebrow*)

Now Kat’s boyfriend joined the company the hubby and I are working for and she said after seven years in Ireland it is now or never. She will actually be moving back. They are coming this Sunday and we will be looking at apartments in my neighborhood. Previously Kat and I lived a mere five minute walk apart. Needless to say I AM PSYCHED.


Danielle A. said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting! I'm sure that you and your BF will have lots of good times now that she's moving back. :)

Jules said...

That is such exciting news! I'm very excited for you... if my best friend lived 5 minutes away we'd get a lot done together! HURRAY for the 2 Kats!
House of Jules

Melisa said...

Are you sure you're not talking about yourself? LOL

I'm very happy for you; that's awesome!

Kat said...

Danielle It is exciting indeed. I am really happy.

Jules Thank you.I really can't wait & hope everything works out.

Melisa You mean you've noticed that I was talking about myself. Captain Obvious needs to go and take a lesson or two in subtlety ROFL

AndreAnna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you try out the chili!!

And what an exciting thing to move! Hope to "see" more of you!!

Not So Perfect said...

Ah...I am so happy for you.

Now try not to get into too much trouble together.

Kat said...

Andreanna I will definitely try that Chili. It is one of my favorite foods and I will definitely come by your blog more often.

Not so perfect Oh thanks Shawna, we will try to be good but those two bottles of Baileys I have had in the back of my kitchen...well those will "magically" disappear while watching episodes of "Father Ted". LOL

Melissa said...

That is amazing news! I can just hear the excitement in your voice. I hope you guys have a great weekend and get to share a lot more 'moments' together.

Don Mills Diva said...

Oh I am so happy for you - your best friend 5 minutes away? SOOO GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's really exciting! REALLY exciting! Those kinds of friends are few and far between, and it's always so exciting when it works out that you can live around each other again.

I feel that perhaps the two of you will be referred to as "double trouble" in your neighborhood bars soon. :)

Steph said...

That is definitely exciting!!!!

I am dreading my best friend moving away in about six months. Her fiance got offered a great job offer, so they are going. It is going to be super hard.

Mags said...

That's fantasti news!! I'm so happy for you Kat, really that's great. :)

Though, I was kind of thinking you were going to tell us you were having a baby. :-/

Kat said...

Melissa Thank you. We can't wait really.

Don Mills Diva It's the best gift ever. I feel blessed.

Cassafrass Good friends are indeed few and far between. You're so right.

Steph Oh no. That's horrible...Hope you get to spend a lot of time together before she moves away.

Mags Thank you. Nah there's no baby for us on the radar yet ;o)

Misguided Mommy said...

I totally thought you were going to say you were pregnant...looks like i'm not the only one. how awesome your friend is coming back though!

Princess B said...

I am often the "secret keeper." I guess peeps trust me and shit. I get over it by pretending to have a short term memory, or laughing to myself that if they ever dared screw me over (these are the dirty no good secrets I keep) I would have plenty of ammo. Moral of the story: Don't tell me secrets and then try to throw me under the bus!