Thursday, February 21, 2008

What will you be doing on May 15, 2008?

Hopefully you won’t be joining the global “panic carrot buying” craze. Nah? I didn't think so.

91 000 Facebook users have signed up to a Facebook group called "On May 15, 2008, everybody needs to go out and panic buy carrots". Ok if they were to go by me nothing wouldn’t happen at all. I sign up for groups with funny names well because of the funny names. Like on a German social networking site. I have been known to have joined fun groups merely because the names tickled my fancy. Wouldn't you want to belong to a group called “Fat kids are more difficult to kidnap” , “Magic ponies stink from the ass too”, “We’re resocializing Nerds” and “Yes, I really do need all my purses”. Okay so I actually do need all my purses and I like to resocialize Nerds because I consider myself to be one. It does not mean however that I am going to kidnap a fat kid or a skinny one for that matter nor would I smell a magic pony’s ass. If there actually were magic ponies.

So let’s hope that the majority of people who have joined the group will not buy into the madness and run out at 2pm to buy as many carrots as they can. It would be a waste. And what would you do with all those carrots anyway?

Anyway, the funny thing is that the opposing group “Don't add to world hunger, don't panic-buy carrots" has attracted just 29 members *LOL*. I really don’t give a darn thing if there is a carrot shortage for a day or two. Unless there is carrots in red wine or my pasta. Then things are going to get ugly.


Amber said...

Is it weird that I'm now feeling really bad for all the poor carrots who will be bought on that day, only to lie around, unused and unwanted? The poor, poor things. This has disturbed me.

Kat said...

Amber My point exactly. I had no idea I had sympathy for carrots until now.

Melissa said...

Do you susppose this whole thing was started by a carrot farmer.

Interesting. I see a lot of carrot cake in those 91000 facebook users future.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Insane carrot day??!! I hadn't heard, sounds hysterical to me.
Imagine that poor woman who just wants to make potroast that day and only needs carrots and low and behold...none, nowhere. The look would be priceless.
That's just me.
And I would eat them and make some lovely carrot cupcakes, love carrot cake.

Anonymous said...

That's kindof hilarious. It's amazing what the internet enables us to go crazy about.

Also? May 15, 2008 is my birthday. For my 26th birthday, I think my one wish is for people to NOT buy carrots. At all. NONE. It will be known forever as International Carrot Awareness Day. Ready? Let's create another bandwagon for people to jump on!

Kat said...

Melissa That was the first thing that popped into my mind. Darn carrot farmers :)

Spazzgirl mmmmh carrot cake. Drool.

Cassafrass Wow your birthday, what a coincidence. Well international carrot awareness day sounds great :)

Paper Propaganda said...

you never cease to crack me up! great, and now i feel forced to buy carrots. but let me tell you something lady, they will all be baby carrots, the big ones just taste funny... hmm. :) thanks for the amusement, once again!

Ken Albin said...

What next? Buy jerky in June?

Kat said...

Paper Propaganda LOL not the baby carrots! That's just cruel. Glad to be able to amuse you :)

Ken yes, really what is next? I think I am going to introduce "Panic buy coffee" day. Should be funny to see people run around like crazy and the caffeine addicts that are deprived of their coffe run around like sleeping pills...That idea is actually genius Ken

Danielle A. said...

Where the heck to people come up with this crap? Panic buy carrots? Right - because you can totally store those for three years without them going bad. They're totally a non-perishable food itme.

I agree with you... let's hope that people don't buy into this madness.

Nick said...

I participated in this event today down in Adelaide, Australia. I bought about 9 bags full and got some funny looks, it was great fun. I proceeded to hand out about half of them to passers by, i said i was promoting healthy living. The other half of the carrots i'm turning into baked carrots, carrout soups, carrot cake and salads for my large family. All in all a fantastic event.