Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Speed? I haz it!

...or maybe it should read 'I am on it' .

Nutcase cat is at it again. See her pass at lightning speed towards the end of the video. I swear she does that all the time. She comes out attacks you and runs away at supersonic speeds. It is a wonder the human eye can still detect her LOL!

Turbo Cat from Katikat on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

First off, I got here from Pocklock, where I couldn't stop giggling at your comment. So, I click on over to your blog, and immediately think "How did she catch my crazy cat on video?!?"

Yeah, I've got a black and white boy cat who is just as crazy. I can almost see him winding up for a good sprint sometimes.

Rob said...

As Neo once said, "Whoa!"

tiaraco said...

This is too funny.

DH said...

Just wanted to say hello to a fellow cat lover. I too have a black-and-white bundle of joy. But she's beyond her wild-and-crazy youth, having settled firmly in her I'll-just-lay-here-and-cuddle years.

Anonymous said...

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