Monday, March 17, 2008

Everyone's Irish on March 17th - Happy Paddy's Day

If I was still in Ireland I would still be in bed dreaming about Leprachauns and a pint of Guinness. Most likely not but who cares.

Sadly we missed yesterday's St. Patrick's Day parade in Munich which caused havoc on traffic downtown. We missed it because the hubby and I went to cheer for our team in yesterday's soccer match. We could have saved our breath because we got out with a measly 1:1. Though the game was well worth it.

By the time the match ended so did the parade and since there was no getting into town we did miss the parade. Too bad but something to look out for next year.

My plan to come into work dressed in green didn't play out so well because everything green that I owned was either in the laundry or not fit for the current temperatures. It's a shame but on the inside I am all green and it is the thought that counts.

We will however make it a "green night" to honor the Irish national holiday. Are or were there any Paddy's Day celebrations where you live?


Rob said...

Well then lassie were ya agetten your pinches for wearing not of the green now. Or is that an American thing?

Melisa said...

I had the BEST St. Patrick's Day one could have, that is, without having any sort of green beer or other traditional'll see when you pop on over!

Hope you had a great one!

Kat said...

Rob Top of the morning to ya n all n anyways ;) Seen a few expats in Germany wearing da green-not so myself.

Melisa WOW the house entirely to yourself? The dog asleep and you are the sole ruler over the remote control???? Heavenly bliss indeed.

Danielle A. said...

I was in the same predicament yesterday with almost all my green being in the laundry. I didn't plan properly.

A lot of my family had corned beef and cabbage yesterday in celebration of St. Paddy's Day (I think that's an American thing). Steve & I had BBQ Chicken Pizza and Sam Adams' Longshot Winner brews. I'm not one for the St. Paddy's celebrations in our area... drunken fools falling on each other and yelling "GO SOX!" isn't really my cup of tea.

Robin said...

At my college they canceled classes for two days for St. Pat's. In my family we have an anniversary and birthday to add to the celebration. I had to make two posts to cover it all.

I love St. Pat's!