Monday, March 31, 2008

A Glass Democracy

The German hacker association Chaos Computer Club has published the fingerprint of Germany's interior minister, Wolfgang Schäuble. The new issue of the club's magazine has a prepared foil to be used to create a fingerprint dummy that people can stick to their own fingers.

The Club wants to make the broad public aware of a false sense of security regarding biometry. The European Union requires every passport holder to give his fingerprints to the authorities. The German hackers now plan a whole series of fingerprints from politicians who push for more surveillance.

The interior minister was already accused of surveilling and thereby infringing citizen rights to data protection. His actions were even compared to the Stasi, the East German Staatssicherheit, that used to spy on its people...

All in all I think it is a pretty smart idea despite Mr. Schäuble's claim that it doesn't bother him one bit if people use his finger print because he's got nothing to hide LOL

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Rob said...

I LOVE IT! To paraphrase jaba the hut "Ho ho ho ho ho! These are my kind of geeks, fearless and inventive!"

My hat is off to them!