Sunday, March 23, 2008

In lieu of something smart to say

As it is Sunday and a holiday and I don't really have anything to say, I am posting this joke I found on my old computer at my parents house. Maybe all the talk about gardening tools will prompt spring to come out and chase the long winter away.

The Rake

The gardener was doing yard work after the storm one weekend and his wife was about to take a shower. He realized that he couldn't find the rake.

He yelled up to his wife, "Where is the rake?" She couldn't hear him and she shouted back, "What?" He pointed to his eye, then he pointed to his knee and made a raking motion. His wife still wasn't sure and said, "What?" He repeated the gestures. "EYE KNEE THE RAKE"

My wife replied that she understands and signals back.She first points to her eye, next she points to her left breast, then she points to her butt, and finally to her crotch.

Well, there is no way in hell he could even come close to that one.

Exasperated, he went upstairs and asked her, "What the hell was that?"
She replies:



Melisa said...

Hee hee! Good one!

(And why is your old computer still at your parents' house?)

Kat said...

Melisa Hee hee glad you enjoyed it :). It is still there because I had no use for it any longer but enjoy having it around when I come to visit ;)

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Jules said...

Hee hee....
House of Jules

Melissa said...

Nice!! I can just imagine what the neighbors were thinking ;)