Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random thoughts

  • I am sick and cranky.
  • We got our little car back from the garage :o)
  • It will (almost) cost us our first born :(
  • Being at home sick without being the sole decision maker and ruler over the remote sucks
  • Amazing how mind numbingly dumb daytime television is
  • I already feel totally dumbed down
  • Birddogcat attacks me everytime I am on the phone. We still haven't figured out why that is.
  • My friend and her boyfriend can move into their new apartment one month earlier
  • Though we love each other I feel this is going to be great
  • I am happy she will live only mere minutes away
  • Strangely enough I have the urge to clean all of our windows but it is still snowing or raining or both


Mags said...

Poor Kat!! Feel better soon-I would hate for my witty blog friend to end up brain dead. :)

But seriously, feel better...

Corey~living and loving said...

so sorry to hear you are stinks....I too.

Jules said...

Feel better soon, Kat!!!
House of Jules

Melisa said...

Get well soon!!!!

Ask someone to bring you some newspapers or something: gotta keep that brain sharp! :)

Lindz said...

That is a dang depressing list of random thoughts (minus the friend moving close part). HOpe things look up soon.

Melissa said...

Feel better soon! When you get done cleaning your windows would you like to give mine a go? ;)