Friday, March 14, 2008

Random thoughts

Lately I have been getting into photography and I am currently saving for a really nice camera. With it comes the interest in Photoshop and I've been messing around with it for a while. Though I doubt that I will ever be able to use it to its full extend. While doing some research online I came across this lovely blog called Photoshop Disasters which pokes fun at some truly awful photoshopping. Quite entertaining.

Little birddogcat is in heat and her meowing is driving us up the wall. That will teach us. We're procrastinators. I immediately called the vet to put birddogcat and our entire household out of our misery. The cat is getting the snip in two weeks time....until then it is earplugs all the way baby.

The Gods of rain are trying to drown us. Still no snow. I have given up hope.

Poor little car is still in the garage getting fixed. They found the problem and it is going to be expensive. Whine. Doesn't matter as long as we get our lovely car back.

March 17th is approaching which means only one thing: Paddy's Day is just around the corner. Irish bishops decided to bring forward Paddy's Day to the 15th March simply because all the celebrations (read heavy binge drinking) interfere with Holy Week this year.

We will be having an Irish night at our house. We'll be getting drunk on Bulmers and Baileys while watching back to back episodes of Father Ted.

The weekend is just around the corner. Need to sleep and then sleep some more. So I am really looking forward to it.

Also getting my kicks from this blog called Stuff White People Like. I love me some good and funny cliché and this amuses me no end.


Melissa said...

Looks like I have a few blogs to check out, now all I need is time. Good luck with the cat situation!!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Hilarious! How do you find these sites. I love the Photoshop blog ... good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Misguided Mommy said...


Corey~living and loving said...

Hope you are getting all the sleep you need. :)

Jules said...

Kat! Do an internet search for "You suck at photoshop" and watch them in order. I think there are 5 different videos, all done by a comedian (so his "story" is not real, but the photoshopping tips are) and they are HILARIOUS!
House of Jules

Kat said...

Melissa Cheers, I'm going to need it.

Uncommon blonde Sometimes those blogs just happen to cross my path, sometimes I happen to stumble upon them while reading my favorite online mag.

Misguided Mommy That one was my favorite too.

Corey I got plenty of sleep and feel more rested now. Thank you :)

Jules Cheers, will check this out immediately. Thank you for the hint.

Danielle A. said...

Trying to catch up from down here before I head up to the real St. Paddy's day post.

Father Ted is hilarious. A friend of ours had a DVD from their Netflix in and we watched some of them. They were awesome.