Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Voyeurism satisfied

If you are anything like me you are probably very curious. My hubby usually teases me by saying that I may well be able to eat everything but can’t know everything. He is good at keeping secrets. I hate it.

Anyway so if you are curious you will probably enjoy the voyeuristic side of your personality. It excites me to see how other people live. How they have furnished and decorated their room/ apartment/ house.

I have no idea where that comes from but would explain why I immensely enjoy home improvement shows. I get the biggest kick out of seeing the before and after pictures. Anybody else suffering from that?

And while I was browsing the web I found THIS really cool website called Normal Room. People from around the world have uploaded pictures of how they are living. You can go around and explore regional differences in style and d├ęcor. It is awesome.

As if that isn't enough to satisfy my curiosity related to all things 'interior design', I am also a frequent visitor at THIS German website 'Dreckiger Schreibtisch' (which translates to 'Dirty Desks'), where users post pictures of their messy desks. It is amazing to see what people manage to pile onto their desks and into their workspace. Awesome.

Just in case you were wondering (you probably weren't but I am going to tell you anyway) I have one of the cleanest and most organized desks in any of the offices I have worked so far. I need space and a clutter free environment to work. Any kind of clutter / office material etc. needs to be removed asap.

What does your desk look like? Are you a creative messy or an organized neat freak? Does your desk at home look like your desk in work?


cube said...

I like the home improvement shows too. Some of the creativity is quite clever.

As far as my desk goes, I guess mine qualifies for the 'Dreckiger Schreibtisch' site, but in my defense, one husband and 2 daughters add to the mess as well.

Melissa said...

My desk is always clean, if it's a mess my OCD kicks in and I get crazy about it.

Lainey-Paney said...

How do you FIND this stuff????

My living room....is so not my decor. Antiques from my parents divorce, that my dad just wants me to store for him...living room couch & chair that my hubby purchased w/o my 2 cents, a rug that I purchased in one day b/c I set out to buy a rug in that outing, and I liked it better than the others at the rug place, but I was not in love with it....my dad's coffee table...I dunno, I think I make it all work...but, it's not my favorite room & certainly doesn't reflect my style or preference...

Princess B said...

My office desk is messy, but it is an organized mess. I know where everything is and when I try to clean it is when I can't find important things anymore. Maybe I just suck at cleaning, but in general I'm a very neat person. I hypothesize that the reason it is messy is because I'm SO busy bringing in the sales; hence if I was bad at what I do (or business was slow) I'd have more time to devote to organizing!

Kat said...

Cube Ahh now with so many people messing up your desk there's no chance it can be neat and orderly. I know what you mean. THe hubby tends to drop his things on mine and I drop them right back on his :)

Melissa just like me :)

Lainey-Paney These things just jump at my on my daily extensive news rounds through the vast space that is the internet

Princess B An organized mess..as long as you know where everything is and you're right, better the business is good than having too much time on your hands

Rob said...

Clutter free desk! You lied to me! You told me you were a geek! Geeks never have clean desks! Now directory structures on their hard drive is a whole ‘nuther matter now! :)

Danielle A. said...

Oh man... so you must love it when I do the "Tackle-It Tuesdays" then.

My desk right now is a bit messier than I would like. Steve and I have a chore chart and once a month we pick-up/reorganize our desks. It's amazing to me how quickly I can let my desk get cluttered again. At work... I try very hard not to have that problem. :)

Kat said...

Rob Darn it. You're right. Well maybe it is because I am a female geek or I am simply the exception to the rule. Please say the latter is true - I wanna feel special ;o)

Danielle I love, love, love your Tackle it Thursdays. You have no clue how I enjoy the before and after pictures! Seriously! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

It used to make me CRAZY at my last job. One of my coworkers would ALWAYS leave stuff on my desk for no good reason. He'd be standing there, talking to me, put something down, and then walk away. Then he'd be surprised when I delivered his things back to his desk.