Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who has got 30 pints of Guinness in their trunk?

I do that's who. All bottled up of course. Everything else would just be wet and disgustingly smelly.

What do I need 30 cans of Guinness for I hear you asking? They are a gift for my Dad. Hi Dad, if you are reading this (and I am sure you do) I am sorry for spoiling the surprise.

You see, ever since my Dad's been to Ireland he can't get away from the 'black stuff'. That's not to say he is an alcoholic. He savors the stuff. A can of Guinness only ever sees the daylight nightsky on special occasions. A can is being carefully brought up from the cellar and is poured into a Guinness pint glass with abandonment. After some oooohing and aaaaahing he takes a sip and looks as if he were about to shoot a 'Got Milk' ad.

Yep he loves the black stuff and while I ran some errants during my lunchbreak I thought I might as well stop and get him some 'black goodness'. Done and done! Consider me a good daughter.

The hubby's been gone the third day now and called this morning. Bunny if you read this, all is well and no they are not married yet.

My best friend and her boyfriend, who have been staying with us, have spent last night pondering about marriage. You realize that once this discussion starts it is as good as done. I am so excited should they decide to get married. I will update as the story breaks if it breaks :)


cube said...

I like the flavor, but I don't like the calories.

Kat said...

Cube I totally agree. They don't call it 'the small dinner' for nothing :) It is just as filling.

Melissa said...

Beer and marriage...two things that definitely go together. ;)

Mags said...

Aw, you're such a nice daughter!

I was going to say, "I wish I was your dad" just to say that I want some beer, but it sounded too much like I was asking "who's your daddy" or something like that-and that's just weird.


Melisa said...

That's so sweet of you! I'm sure your dad will appreciate it immensely. He'll probably toast to you each time he has one. :)

Rob said...

Bottles my dear, bottles! The good stuff should never have the taint of alumininium! Save that for the cheap stuff!

Kat said...

Melissa LOL wise words. Though I have never seen my husband drink beer ever :)

Mags hehe OMG you're totally right that would have come across totally wrong LOL

Melisa Right this way he'll always be thinking of me :)

Rob That's where you're wrong. The Guinness they sell in cans here are way better than bottled Guinness. Believe it or not but the taste of the canned beer is closer to a draught than the bottled beer.

Also the texture of the foam etc is near perfect as if it were poured in a pub. Believe me I would never give my Dad anything cheap (and cheep that stuff is not)

Kat said...

Cheep? Did I really just write cheep? Anyway Rob, I will have a beer tomorrow and will be thinking of ya ;)

Danielle A. said...

That's very awesome of you to do that for your dad. :) If you're ever in the neighborhood, I like the Harpoon Raspberry UFO myself... (kidding!)

Jules said...

Guinness in a can is ALWAYS the way to go (but that's the only beer I'd ever say that for!)
House of Jules