Thursday, June 12, 2008

Murphy's Law

Anything that can possibly go wrong, does. It is a law. The law of most possible vileness.

Yesterday I had a personal coaching session in work. With an external person. A psychologist/communication trainer/ consultant/ hilariously funny person no less. First thing in the morning. I'm never late if I can help it. Due to a misunderstanding the coach and I missed each other twice and started the session late. For more than two hours I worried what the coach was interpreting into my being late. W E I R D.

The hubby went on a business trip this morning. Last night he stressed that we'd oversleep and he would miss his flight. We wake up way early and make it to the airport. With time to spare. I get into work at an ungodly hour. The coffee machine is broken. Ten minutes later the hubby called, his flight was cancelled. J U U U S T G R E A T.

Hubby calls and asks me to check if there are any flights leaving sooner than the one he was rebooked on. I check and my computer freezes.
N E A T.

I'm practically drooling and longing for a coffee now. So I walk up one floor to get a cup of coffee in the other office. On my way back down I spill the boiling hot black stuff all over my pants. OF C O U R S E.

Back at my desk and my computer still doesn't do what I want. Too bad it is still dark because the blinds are down and the lights are still off. A state I can only change if my computer were running. Crawling under the desk to work on it. Coming back up with fluff and dust on my pants but the computer is up and running again and there is light.
F U N- F U * * I N G - T A S T I C.

Settling down at my desk the rain stops and the sun is coming out.
W T F ? Are you serious? I'll take that and I am not going to doubt it!


Melissa said...

Holy crap, who put the jinx on you? I hope today keeps getting better!

House of Jules said...

Well I certainly hope that since you're there ealry and enduring all of this torture that you get to LEAVE early!!! Sheesh! "Computer says no" is right!
House of Jules

David said...

Wow, suddenly I don't miss working.
I hope you get some of that sun latter

Corey~living and loving said...

days like that suck. argh.....I've had my share.

Steph said...

When it rains, it pours. At least the sun came out. Situations like that suck.

Taj said...

How do you wind down from a day like that!? I hope you got to enjoy the sun after.