Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There was no Sex in that City

After that really funny comedy gig on Friday night we had to say our good-byes to our Friend who was returning to Ireland on Saturday night. I had been pestering the hubby to take me to see 'Sex and The City' so we thought on our way back from the airport we may as well go and stop at the movie theatre to see it. The hubby agreed to return the favor because I had agreed to go and see the new 'Indiana Jones' movie when it came out.

Well let me just say that movie was horrible. And I am not talking about 'Indiana Jones' here. Although that movie wasn't great either but at least I laughed a lot more and had a better time than I did watching the SATC movie.

The husband had a limit of one complaint per hour during the movie. It is kind of a filtering system and a deal between him and I. Mainly to prevent us from spoiling the movie for the other before the bitching comments get too much. During the three hours we sat through that movie he bitched about five times and held in a lot more nasty comments. Funny thing is: I could relate. I used to love the TV series. I watched it religiously plus I have all seasons on DVD. The girls were part of my tv schedule and I thought they rocked. Until I saw the movie.

I don't have any love for it. I really don't. It is as if they went and exaggerated every character and it made the movie so much worse. In the end we got out of the movie theatre and I felt I had a tinnitus from Charlotte's screaming. My left ear was basically deaf.

I didn't think anything of it. I am very prone to loud noises and carry earplugs with me when I deem it necessary. One of the reasons why I don't enjoy going to clubs or concerts but who'd have thought you'd go deaf from seeing a movie on a Saturday night?

Two days later it still felt like someone had pushed a cotton ball down my auditory canal while running a lawn mower in my ear at the same time. The whole thing only subsided late last night. Crazy, isn't it? Anyway, if you haven't seen it already (in which case I need to know what you thought) I wouldn't recommend you go and see it if you were a big fan of the series. You're bound to be disappointed.


Melisa said...

"The husband had a limit of one complaint per hour during the movie."

I'm gonna have to remember that one and use it when I'm watching reality tv shows! :)

I'm sorry you hated the movie!
I have no plans on seeing it myself; I watched the show occasionally but not enough to be a die-hard fan. (We didn't have HBO for very long, so it was impossible to tune in.)

David said...

I have yet to hear or read one good review of the movie

Jeninacide said...

My friend Lindsay said it was awesome- she LOVED IT! She laughed, she cried... Loved it!


I personally was curious about it- but maybe I will just wait for it to come out on DVD so I can turn it off if I feel like it? ; )

Lindz said...

Bummer! I am the above mentioned friend Lindsay and yes, I did love it. I guess I am a sucker for hype. I can however, relate to your comment of the exaggeration of the characters - there was a lot of effort that was a tad see through but nothing strong enough for me to wish I hadn't seen it. In fact, I'd see it again.

Taj said...

I watched the show occasionally but had no real interest. So I was never planning on seeing the movie which apparently is a good thing.

My neighbor, who is a die hard SITC fan, hated it as well. As did her sister. It's got be bad when a Carrie fan wants to poke her eyes out with her Manolo Blahniks half way through the film.

cube said...

I never watched the show and I'm not going to start with the movie. It's just not my cup of tea. I'd rather watch a scifi or a horror movie... although from your review, it may have been a horror of sorts ;-)

PS I'm glad you got your hearing back!

Kat said...

Melisa - Oh yeah. The hubby and I fare well with that agreement really. It goes for movies, soccer matches etc. :o)

David - Now that you mentioned it I did some research and none of the reviews I read were any good.

Jen - To be honest I'd probably watch it again on DVD as well. I am a sucker for chick flicks.

Lindz - That was what I realized at first. The exaggeration. I would have enjoyed it more if they would've been more subtle at hinting at things.

Taj - Hehe I wouldn't go that far but as I said before, you're not missing anything. I suppose all that hype just set expectations pretty high...

Cube - Yes thank you. The ear is back to normal. That freaked me out a bit.

I love horror movies too. Can you recommend anything good? I haven't seen a good horror flick since The Ring really and I am having a hard time dragging friends and/or the hubby along.

Melissa said...

I saw it and I wasn't sure what the hell I thought of it. It wasn't at all what I expected..watching Carrie be depressed most of the movie just didn't do it for me.

Don Mills Diva said...

I reviewed this too and I was disappointed as well - they really did exagerate the characters - Charlotte was never THAT annoying!

Mags said...

Boo! This is very bad news...but, I appreciate you saying it-most people I think are saying they like it b/c they think it'll make them less of a fan.

Mrs. J said...

It's not too great of a movie as I expected it either. I just think the movie was too long to focus on each of the characters a lot. I just enjoyed looking at what they were wearing but I still enjoyed it though :p

Paper Propaganda said...

i haven't heard anything good so far either... i'm waivering on going...

Huckdoll said...

Ohhh...I LOVE the review. You should be a critic.

You're the first I've read in my blogging circle that did not love it and did not cry.

It's funny though, you're about the 10th who's hubby came because it was payback for Indiana Jones!

cube said...

I'll watch a gory movie, but prefer the stuff that scares the devil out of me. Off the top of my head, I can recommend The Grudge & Jeepers Creepers. They made me jump and I'm a seasoned pro at watching horror movies.

Kat said...

Melissa - You're spot on. It was like one big whine-fest and I expected something totally different too.

Don Mills Diva - I read your review and all I can say is "Chapeaux". You hit the nail on the head.

Mags - That is nice of you to say. My friends thought I was crazy :)

Mrs. J - I agree, it was very colorful and I enjoyed the set and the fashion too though that horrible thing Carrie wore on her head with the wedding gown was just too much to bear.

Paper Propaganda - I suppose you gotta see it to know what we're talking about and to see if you like it or not and while I would probably watch the movie again I wish I had waited until it came out on DVD.

Huckdoll - Haha, you think? The husband always says he can hardly bear me when I am ranting :). The Indiana Jones payback thing is an interesting observation that made me laugh my ass off :)

Cube - I am big in imitating that noise from The Grudge...it creeps my friends out. Though it didn't really scare me. I think I will have a go at Jeepers Creepers. I need psycho stuff like the ring etc. to truly scare the living shit out of me. Funny thing is I desperately want to watch those movies but don't want to do it alone but nobody wants to watch them with me. Have you got anyone you're watching them with and how do you get them to do that???

cube said...

I have 2 daughters. The older one hates horror movies because they scare her. The younger one loves horror movies for the same reason. So I watch comedies with one and horror movies with the other. It works out well.

I watched Jeepers Creepers alone after everyone was asleep & I think that's one reason why it creeped me out so much.

BTW my daughter has the Grudge sound down as well.