Saturday, June 7, 2008

A perfect Friday

Work over in a jiffy. Guests staying with us from the Emerald Isle. A great dinner. Three glasses of prosecco. Sun. Meeting friends. Seven tickets to a great stand-up comedy gig. Two and a half hours of great fun. A big fat Brez'n and a beer. Love and laughter with friends. I am in heaven right now.

Gig will be continued in September. I hope to get a ticket for my birthday which is two days before the next gig. Yay for a cool prezzie. I am totally psyched and surely will remember tonight for a long time to come.

I hope all of you are going to have an equally awesome Friday and a great weekend.


me & them said...

Sounds like fun :)

cube said...

My Friday wasn't as exciting as yours, but I'm OK with it.

Melissa said...

Wow, the perfect Friday, you can't beat that, huh? Mine was pretty good, too!!

Taj said...

Can't beat good times with good friends! I hope your weekend continues to be an awesome one.

Kat said...

Me&Them - It was great fun indeed.

Cube - I know what you mean. Still hope you had a nice Friday. Fridays are great anyway because they mean the weekend has finally arrived :)

Melissa - Yay, I am happy to hear that yours was pretty good too.

Taj - Thank you. The same to you.

Steph said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love when days don't drag all mine did last week. Today is going rather well though.