Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer in Full Force

Summer is here in full force and the temperatures in our apartment have risen drastically. The cats barely drag themselves from their food to the cool of the tiles in the kitchen. I do feel like I want to lay down next to them.

Right now I am really annoyed by seeing Naomi Campbell's stupid face in the news. This woman has serious issues and I don't understand why she's still getting a f***ing celebrity bonus. I wish they would finally throw her stupid a$$ in jail. Do not pass Go! No "Get out of jail" card for that dumb person. I mean how many times has she been abusing staff and strangers. She's been convicted before and still she only gets 200 hours of social service.

I have no idea why this is making me extra mad today but I just wish she'd be severly punished and thrown into jail. In my dreams she'd be someone else's bitch. That would teach her!


Amber said...

Naomi should SO be in jail right now. Oh, if only I ruled the world...

Steph said...

I am loving that it is summer and the temperatures have risen. I am not a cold person at all. Sucks though if you are uncomfortable!

Melisa said...

Now THAT'S what I call a dream! (BTW, as long as you're dreaming, why not wish for *slightly* milder weather?)

(and a ticket for me to come for a visit?)

Uncommon Blonde said...

She's a nut case ... it's ridiculous to me that she can't get it together. I'm with you, throw her in jail.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh what a freak!

me & them said...



And send some sunshine this way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat! How are you? I love summer but i can't live without Air Conditioning. Here we've been hot during the day but it rains almost every night. Could do without the rain. Hope all is well.

Kat said...

Amber - Wouldn't that rock? I always say that to the hubby "If I ruled the world"!

Steph - Oh I envy you. I love the sun, if only it wasn't so hot ;o)

Melisa - All good things to wish for. Especially the last one.

Uncommon Blonde - Heck yeah, I very much want her to disappear for a long, long time.

Corey - An absolute freak.

Me & Them I always forget that it is winter now in Down Under but I will send gladly send you some sun.

Patty - Long time no hear. We're totally sweating. We do have airconditioning for our bedroom but the rest of the house is just too hot. How are you? How's your dad?