Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eejit of the Week

If this was the section "Idiots of the Week" I would have been done for this week already. Naomi taking first price. But then again there are these eejits and they qualify as well.

Who you might ask? Well the lovely people taking part in the World Nettle Eating Championships. 67 people from across the world united in Dorset last weekend to take on the task of eating as many nettles as they could in an hour!!! WTF?

I heard they're supposed to taste a bit bitter with a twang of manure but hey maybe you shouldn't harvest that stuff too close to the barn. The mere thought makes me break out in a rash.

Maybe I really should introduce my personal "Eejit of the week" section and make it a regular installment on this blog. I may even put up a poll so you can vote for your favorite idiot and the results will be shown well into the next week, when the next idiot is being crowned.


House of Jules said...

I don't know what a nettle is, and I'm too afraid to google it. My gag reflex is already starting. Don't tell me what it is. I'm just going to go ahead & block this whole story out. :)
House of Jules

Melissa said...

Wow, nettles...what in the heck was the prize for winning that contest. Some people are just nuts!

Melisa said...

Ha ha, it must run in the family...I didn't know what nettles were, but I DID google them. YUCK.

One question: WHY?????

Kat said...

Jules - Don't worry Jules, you don't really want to/need to know what they are. It is disgusting.

Melissa - I think nuts is an understatement ;o)

Melisa - ROFL. Are there no nettles in Illinois? What do you call them in the US?

Melisa said...

Well, we must have nettles because Melissa knew what they were...I have no idea if they have another name, but ick!

Sarah said...

Ha! I bet I could suggest a few idiots!! :)

My boys are Army Brats said...

Who on earth thinks of these things? And the guy who his his phone in his rear end....gross! Why the heck would you ever?? ICK! No borrowing someone elses phone ever!