Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty Random Thoughts

Why does the word monosyllabic consist of so many syllables? It is quite ridiculous.

How come they call it civil war? In my opinion there is no such thing.

Why do you sit in the "stands" of stadium?

Why do they call it going "off "when something actually goes "on". Like an alarm clock for example.

So many questions so little time.

I, not unlike a lot of people, tend to press the buttons of my remote control like a crazy person when the battery is dead. Like that is going to make it work again. Why oh why do we do that?


Melissa said...

I lovet these posts. I never have time to think of these kinds of things!

Huckdoll said...

Just like pressing the button to make a traffic light change. I press it at least ten times as if I don't believe it registered the first time. Or that the more I press it, the faster it will change.

If cupboard is pronounced cubburd,
why isn't clipboard pronounced clibburd?

Ha, I'm tweeting that ;)

me & them said...

I taped my remote shut, just in case the battery door was loose and letting them fall out a little...

I always shake the darn thing and point it really exaggeratedly at the TV when it's getting a bit slow, and no, I don't know why.

I agree with all the rest, and thank you for making my brain hurt so early in the morning!

cube said...

I'm curious about stuff too. Like, if we got rid of all sponges, how much higher would be ocean level be?

Christina G said...

Cause sometimes hitting the buttons on the remote harder works, at least with my remote ;-)

Steph said...

I push the buttons even harder when the batteries are dying!

David said...

Government "worker"
Customer "service"
"Jumbo" shrimp
pianoforte (soft loud)
Wooden irons
The list of oxymoron's grows and grows

Anonymous said...

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