Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The World is a freaking stupid place

Although on second thought it isn't the world that is f***ed up it is the people that are freaking stupid.

A guy in the UK sued his travel company because he was put in a hotel with only Germans while vacationing in Greece. OMG. Isn't it outrageous? These freaking Germans are everywhere. He sued not because he is a xenophobe but because he couldn't understand anything. Sure he didn't. He was probably afraid those Nazis were going to put towels on his sun lounger. Anyway when you don't speak another language besides your own and it does bother you so much that you don't understand a friggin thing then why do you travel abroad in the effing first place you moron?

And more news from the UK where an Aussie was banned from travelling out of Heathrow because he was wearing a shirt featuring one of the Transformers cartoon robots with a gun as an arm or hand or whatever.

Luckily stupidity is a world wide phenomenon because last week a PhD student was stopped in a Canadian airport for wearing a gun shaped charm necklace. Can I hear a big fat WTF? I can't wait for more bizarre news from all over the world when once again stupidity strikes in full force.


cube said...

I'm not surprised by the stupid stuff anymore. One good thing, there's never a lack of blog material ;-)

cube said...

Hey, I just found you again via BE. Small blogosphere.

Melissa said...

You never know some guy with a gum on his shirt might use it to kill people...uh, yeah...that's the ticket.

People are increasingly ignorant these days.

Taj said...

I don't know whether to be amazed at the ignorance or amused.

Stupidity abounds but (as Cube said) it makes great blog material.

My boys are Army Brats said...

That's hilarious! Maybe the student planned to use that gun to hold up gift shop and steal a ring to match the necklace!