Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday bloody Monday

Who can I blame for making the time fly? Any volunteers? No? I suppose you suffer from your long weekend being over too. Looks like I have a case of the Mondays.

The weekend was so lovely. The hubby was supposed to return from his business trip on Saturday afternoon but managed to surprise me by coming home early. Admittedly he scared the living shit out of me by opening the bedroom door at 4:30am on Friday night and as I didn't expect him back before Saturday afternoon he gave me a real good start.

I think my heart was about to jump out of my chest. I've always hated being alone at night. When I was younger and my parents left me home alone for the first time I suspected a stranger behind every door of our apartment but I was fine. Fine until the washing machine started moving forward and foam began coming out at the top and the noise was unbearable. Instead of pulling the plug I resorted to screaming and crying. I wouldn't open the door to the neighbors because my parents told me not to open the door to strangers. Luckily my uncle came by and managed to persuade me to open the door to him - well he was family :o) - and he managed to turn off the washing machine and to calm me down.

I think things haven't changed much since then. For some reason I don't feel comfortable alone at night. When I was in university I would take care of my parents house and our cat while they were gone on vacation. At night when I had to go to my bedroom upstairs I would turn off all the lights then dart like a madwoman across the hall and up the stairs. Every noise scared the hell out of me.

Same thing nowadays though we live on the top floor of an admittedly tiny apartment building but I guess the chance that a burglar would go to and rob another apartment first on their way up are pretty big :)

How was your weekend?


Melisa said...

Ha: When Jim was in the Navy and away from home back when we first got married, I had the tv on all day, and until the very last moment before I closed my eyes and went to sleep (had a tv in the living room and one in the bedroom). I feel your pain. :)

Our weekend was fun but a little too busy for my tastes. I find myself just a wee bit happy that it's Monday. Am I weird?

Uncommon Blonde said...

Sorry to hear that you had a scare! I dread going into my kitchen alone when the house is empty. I have the Mondays today too - I am still feeling relaxed from the weekend and don't feel like working ;)

Melissa said...

I don't like to be alone at night either...I think it's just one of those things most women don't like.

My weekend was awesome!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Ha! I loved the ending.

I am not the scared type of person at all yet sometimes I hear things in the middle of the night that make my heart pound and I become WIDE awake with every nerve ending extending out trying to sense the potential danger! My fear is that I will be tackled or attacked while under my blankets and I will not be able to fight back because I am all tangled up in blankets!

Silly huh?